The Vintage Butterfly

Hand Made Jewelry & Art by Judy Ann

The Vintage Butterfly-All hand made Jewelry and Art in a cozy Boutique!

Come see my latest designs in Stamped Metal Jewelry and Vintage Necklaces. I specialize in Fused Glass Art. All fused glass pieces are hand cut glass, carefully placed in patterns and fired in the kiln over a process of adjusting heat through out two hours. The outcome are pieces of beautifully fused colored glass. No two are alike, each piece is one of a kind. Wear them, and they will draw attention as the beautiful colors reflect light! Now introducing my new line The Healing In His Wings Collection!
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Come Visit The Vintage Butterfly!

My boutique is open Tuesday-Friday 2-5, Saturday 3-5. Call (951) 743-0828 to schedule a visit!


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