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Kristen Hine

Kristen Hine holds a degree in journalism from The Ohio State University, which may not seem initially like a natural fit for someone to succeed in pharma sales. But Kristen Hine has done just that, and she credits the knowledge she gained during her education at OSU for helping her to become the success story she is today, #2 in her region and consistently out-performing expectations. The degree highlighted areas that Kristen Hine has since refined and combined with her natural talents.

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Kristen Hine Helps You Make Your Sales Goals

Kristen Hine is one of the most successful sales representatives in her region. As a direct result of her incredible successes in the sales industry, Kristen Hine has come to be known as a great mentor and coach for younger and newer sales professionals. Kristen Hine understands that many newer sales representatives fear not accomplishing their sales goals.

However, if you take this simple and easy advice from Kristen Hine, you will find that it is, in fact, quite easy to meet and exceed your sales goals!

Make Great Goals

Kristen Hines says that one of the most important things you can do to make meeting your sales goals easier is to make great goals. Kristen Hine is quick to stress the fact that goals should be specific and you should hold yourself to a deadline. Kristen Hine says that people who make vague goals with no end date often struggle to meet their goals.

However, if you follow this advice from Kristen Hine and make specific goals with a deadline, you will find it much easier to meet and exceed your goals.

Understand That There Will Be Setbacks

Kristen Hine says that far too many new sales people become unnecessarily discouraged when they do not initially meet their goals. However, Kristen Hine believes that it is natural to experience a few setbacks when you are first starting out in sales.

For that reason, Kristen Hine encourages all sales representatives to accept the fact that there will be setbacks and to come up with an action plan for how you will respond when you do experience setbacks.

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Make More Sales with Kristen Hine

Kristen Hine had made an impressive name for herself in her region as one of the most successful sales professionals in her area. As a result of her successes, Kristen Hine has come to be known as a great resource for people who need extra help meeting or exceeding their sales goals. If you have been looking for excellent tips and advice to make more sales, read on for some excellent information from Kristen Hine!

See More Doors

Kristen Hine says that the most important thing that you can do if you would like to make more sales is to see more prospective customers. After all, if you do not talk to prospective customers, how can you possibly sell them something? In fact, Kristen Hine says that if you are struggling with your sales numbers, you should take a long, hard look at the number of prospective customers with whom you speak in a given day.

Find a Coach

Kristen Hine says that another instrumental step you can take to improving your sales numbers is to find a great coach or mentor who you can work with while you are trying to increase your sales. Kristen Hine says that she has had many wonderful mentors over the course of her career and that these mentors have helped her overcome any number of challenges in her career.

Kristen Hine knows that sales can be an incredibly challenging field, especially for people who are just starting out. However, if you take this advice from Kristen Hine, you will be able to make many more sales.

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Kristen Hine on Setting Great Goals

Kristen Hine has garnered an impressive reputation for herself as one of the best sales representatives in her region. This is because Kristen Hine is always meeting or exceeding her goals. However, Kristen Hine is quick to point out that her success at meeting her goals is due in large part to the fact that she sets great goals for herself.

If you are interested in how you can set manageable and effective goals for yourself, take this advice from Kristen Hine!

Specificity is Key

Kristen Hines says that the most important thing that you can do when you are setting goals for yourself is to make sure that your goals are specific. Kristen Hine says that, all too often, people set goals for themselves that are far too vague to be effective. However, if you take this advice from Kristen Hine and make specific goals, it will be much easier for you to make a plan to meet or exceed your goals.

Give Yourself A Deadline

Another helpful tip that Kristen Hine has for setting goals is to put yourself on a deadline. If you do not have a deadline for your goals, Kristen Hine has noticed that you are far more likely to put your goal on the backburner and never get around to working on it. If you have a clear and specific deadline for yourself, you will know exactly what you are working towards.

Setting goals may seem complicated, but if you follow this advice from Kristen Hine, you will discover that it is easy to do!

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Basics of Sales with Kristen Hine

Kristen Hine has made a name for herself in her region as one of the most accomplished sales professionals available. As a result of her many successes in the sales industry, Kristen Hine is seen as something of an expert in the field of sales.

Kristen Hine understands that sales can be an intimidating enterprise, especially for newer sales professionals. However, Kristen Hine believes that anyone can succeed at sales if they are aware of a few basic principles.

If you have been looking for great basic sales advice, read on for more information from Kristen Hine.

First and foremost, Kristen Hine believes that the key to becoming a successful sales professional is to remember that, at the most basic level, your job is to help people gain access to a product or service that they might need or want. Kristen Hine says that if you remember that your primary responsibility is to help other people, it will be much easier for you to get over the nervousness that accompanies any sales position.

Additionally, Kristen Hine believes that it is important for people who are just getting started in sales to find a great mentor or coach who can help you through the earliest stages of your career. An experienced mentor or coach can serve as a great sounding board for ideas or concerns that you may be having.

If you follow this basic and practical advice from Kristen Hine, you will find that you are able to easily excel at any sales position.

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Kristen Hine’s Health and Fitness Secrets for Busy Professionals

Kristen Hine knows a thing or two about keeping busy. As one of the top performing reps in the medical/pharmaceutical sales field, Kristen Hine works tirelessly to keep her clients satisfied and the orders rolling in. The long hours and stress can get to wearing on a person, but Kristen Hine always looks refreshed and ready for anything. She credits her health and fitness routine for this exceptional energy and verve.

Kristen Hine’s health and fitness routine serves as the counterweight to her hard-driving work schedule, the peaceful yin to her workday’s yang. For Kristen Hine, being healthy and fit is what makes her successes possible. Without the positive energy she gets from nutrient-rich foods and exercise, Kristen Hine says, there is no way she would be able to put in the hours and energy at work that she is able to.

Health and fitness have always been important to Kristen Hine. They are habits she picked up during her time at The Ohio State University, or even before. Maintaining an appropriate balance in one’s life is a tenet that has sunk in to the core of Kristen Hine’s being. Without an appropriate level of devotion to healthy living and good physical fitness, there is nothing there to balance the stress and agitation that can accumulate at the workplace, says Kristen Hine. Healthy living practices and exercise are really all one needs to provide that balance, to dissipate any negative energy that may accumulate, and to provide something like peace of mind.

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Kristen Hine Earns Reputation as Top Saleswoman

Kristen Hine has spent many years at the top of her game already. Since graduating from The Ohio State University and entering a career in medical and pharma sales, Kristen Hine has shot up through the ranks, earning accolades and awards at every turn. These days Kristen Hine is widely recognized as one of the top saleswomen in her field, currently #2 in sales in the entire region, and consistently posting sales far above and beyond expectations. Kristen Hine still has a long and promising career ahead of her, and has already done quite a lot.

Kristen Hine’s reputation as a top saleswoman is a point of pride for her. She has worked tirelessly to earn this reputation through her achievements and by exceeding all goals set in her path, either by herself or by her employers. Kristen Hine has been promoted at a constant rate throughout her career, and excels in competitive environments.

Being a top saleswoman takes up a good deal of Kristen Hine’s time and energy, but she still makes time to stay fit and healthy through good diet and adherence to her exercise programs. For Kristen Hine, there is no such thing as success without that success being a well-balanced achievement. Balancing her work ethic with her fitness ethic makes Kristen Hine a happy and well-rounded individual who is much more than just a top saleswoman.

Kristen Hine currently works for Florida Spine and Joint Institute. The numbers of #2 in region and 220% to goal are for her job at Sanofi-Aventis.

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Kristen Hine Works Hard, Plays Hard

For medical sales rep Kristen Hine, balance is everything. As a hardworking professional, Kristen Hine recognizes the value of putting in the hours at your job in order to get ahead. As a matter of fact Kristen Hine has been putting in the hours for many years, and credits her own hard work with getting her to where she is today. It certainly takes no small amount of hard work to become the number two saleswoman in the region, and no small amount of hard work to post numbers at 220% of expected sales, as Kristen Hine has done. Although she currently works for Florida Spine and Joint Institute, those goals were for her job at Sanofi-Aventis. Kristen Hine has come to relish the hard work. It is all part of living well, Kristen Hine says.

Hard work sustained over time equals success, according to Kristen Hine’s equation. However, the hard work becomes its own reward when you are doing a job you love and putting your all into it day in and day out, Kristen Hine says.

Balanced with the hard work in Kristen Hine’s life is a dedication to fitness and health. Kristen Hine believes that in order for the hard work to have a purpose, it must be balanced with personal goals outside the workplace and a healthy, active lifestyle. This balance is sure to lead to a more positive outlook on the world, a greater sense of self-worth, and a greater enjoyment of all life has to offer, according to Kristen Hine. Life is all about getting out of it what you put into it.

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Eating Right and Staying Fit with Kristen Hine

Medical and pharmaceutical sales rep Kristen Hine has experienced a good deal of success in her professional life thus far. Consistently at the top of her field in terms of sales numbers, and always exceeding expectations, Kristen Hine has earned awards and accolades wherever she has gone in her professional life. She gives a lot of the credit for this unbroken string of successes to her personal regimen of eating right and staying fit.

Eating right is all about putting the right things into your body to achieve maximum results, says Kristen Hine. You put quality fuel into your vehicle to make it run best, and you put the best quality fuel into your own body to get it running well. Kristen Hine’s experiences have taught her that the kinds of foods we eat can affect everything from energy level and strength to mood and attitude. Making an active choice to take control of our diets is an important step to being a successful person, says Kristen Hine.

Staying fit is about dedication, says Kristen Hine. It is about getting up before work to perform your workout routine, even if you are tired and want to hit the snooze button. Fitness is its own reward, says Kristen Hine, and confers benefits ranging from increased energy levels to increased self-esteem and confidence. In addition, fitness is a self-perpetuating cycle, in which the higher levels of fitness you achieve, the easier it becomes to maintain that healthy attitude and fitness level. Kristen Hine believes that her dedication to fitness has been a key factor in her professional success.
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Kristen Hine on Nutrition and Fitness

Kristen Hine would balk at being called a fitness guru. The medical sales rep prefers the term “enthusiast.” A guru is like a spiritual leader, says Kristen Hine, whereas she is merely someone who believes in the power of good nutrition and fitness to promoting a happy, healthy lifestyle. According to Kristen Hine, she is just a vocal enthusiast of these techniques and practices, and by no means a guru. Nonetheless, Kristen Hine is devoted to fitness and healthy eating for a better life, and makes no bones about her dedication to these principles.

Nutrition is a vital part of the equation, according to Kristen Hine, because what we put into our bodies determines what we are able to get out of our bodies, in terms of the work we ask those bodies to do both in exercise and in the professional setting. Good nutrition promotes higher energy levels and more strength, says Kristen Hine, which in turn helps a person achieve better results at the gym; in addition, that energy and strength radiates from a person in the workplace, giving them an aura of good health.

Fitness is equally vital, says Kristen Hine. A good fitness routine gives a person more energy throughout the day, boosts mood, and helps self-confidence through the achievement of goals. Kristen Hine is a firm believer that fitness and staying healthy are the keys to success in the modern world. It takes a lot of hard work to get ahead in life, and those who stay on top of their personal health through fitness and nutrition are best positioned to achieve.

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Healthy Living with Kristen Hine

For medical sales and pharmaceutical rep Kristen Hine, staying healthy is a top priority. Kristen Hine has long been a proponent of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for overall health and well-being. Kristen Hine believes that a healthy lifestyle results in more energy, higher self-esteem, and a better outlook on life, just to name a few small benefits. Healthy eating and healthy living are the keys to success, in Kristen Hine’s book; good health and success in life are inextricably intertwined, and taking care of one will automatically help take care of the other.

Healthy living, for Kristen Hine, means eating well, exercising regularly, staying active, and avoiding excess. These things can be difficult to do, she realizes, in today’s busy world. But finding time for these essentials is the most important change you can make for a better tomorrow, according to Kristen Hine. Choosing fitness and health is a self-perpetuating positive cycle. The exercise and fitness regimen, combined with healthy diet, will give you more energy; the extra energy can be used at work to boost your productivity; the remainder can be used to further enhance fitness. The cycle can continue this way indefinitely, says Kristen Hine. The hardest part is getting started.

Kristen Hine is a real believer in the power of these seemingly external factors to influence professional life – and personal relationships, too, for that matter. Kristen Hine’s own life is like a living testament to her beliefs in the power of healthy living and fitness to cause success.

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Kristen Hine Proud of Ohio State Roots

Medical and pharmaceutical sales rep Kristen Hine has enjoyed a great run so far in her career. Kristen Hine has been at the top of her field for years running now, consistently posting numbers higher than just about anyone else out there (she is currently #2 in the region in total sales). In her professional life, there seems to be no stopping Kristen Hine on her ascent to the top. According to Kristen Hine, she owes a great deal of her success to the time she spent at The Ohio State University, earning her degree.

Kristen Hine pursued a BA in Journalism from The Ohio State University and successfully earned the degree. How a journalism degree turned into a career in medical sales is a longer story, but Kristen Hine is very happy with the way things have turned out, and says that her time at the Big Ten institution gave her the tools needed to succeed in today’s world. Those skills, according to Kristen Hine, include great communication, hard work, persistence, attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, and versatility, just to name a few. In addition to these professional skills, Kristen Hine believes, her time at the university gave her invaluable experience in interpersonal interactions, and she made friends while there that she still has to this day.

Kristen Hine is proud of her Buckeye background, mentioning it to anyone who might ask. For Kristen Hine the decision to attend school at The Ohio State University is one of the best decisions she has made in her life.

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Journalism Degree Sparks Sales Career for Kristen Hine

Kristen Hine could not have foreseen the career that awaited her while she was pursuing her journalism degree at The Ohio State University. It is true that medical sales and journalism are not traditionally tied to one another. But for Kristen Hine, the shift felt as natural as breathing. After attaining her journalism degree, Kristen Hine began her ascent in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sales and has never looked back. Today Kristen Hine is a tremendous success in the field, #2 saleswoman in her region and constantly exceeding expectations. She credits her education with providing her the tools to achieve such heights.

Among the skills Kristen Hine honed while pursuing her journalism degree, she says that the hard work and persistence she learned have helped her the most in her career. Also of note is the ability to ask the right questions. Kristen Hine’s success as a medical sales rep has been a happy accident, a combination of the right opportunity at the right time, and Kristen Hine herself is grateful for the way it has all worked out.

A career in sales has been the best of all possible worlds for Kristen Hine, combining her love of people and her naturally outgoing personality with a keen business sense and knack for the sale that have propelled her to prominence in the industry. Kristen Hine may not have been able to predict her future career path when she chose a journalism degree, but it has certainly worked out in her favor in the long run.

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Kristen Hine on Staying Fit

Staying fit is an important part of businesswoman Kristen Hine’s routine, and a part of her overall ethos, as well. Staying fit and healthy is all a part of the holistic approach to success that Kristen Hine subscribes to, which views personal wellness and professional success as intertwined elements, which feed off each other and each strengthen the other. For Kristen Hine, then, staying fit is an essential element of a well-lived life, and goes hand in hand with professional success.

Professional success is something Kristen Hine is definitely no stranger to, having enjoyed many promotions, awards and accolades in her field of medical sales. Kristen Hine’s goals for her job at Sanofi-Aventis were to be #2 in her region and exceed quarterly projections by 220%. For Kristen Hine, these numbers have become the norm. In order to attain such high levels of achievement, Kristen Hine dedicates herself to her work, putting in long hours and lots of energy. Kristen Hine currently works for Florida Spine and Joint Institute.

In order to balance and complement that hard work, Kristen Hine also maintains a fitness regimen that keeps her in shape and her energy levels up, so that she can continue to perform at peak potential. Kristen Hine views her body as a machine that requires regular maintenance and use to run well, and she maintains this machine by putting in only the best fuels (healthy foods) and fine-tuning it through exercise to ensure it is running perfectly. This balance of work and fitness helps keep Kristen Hine at the top of her game both personally and professionally.

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In the pharma sales field, few can compete with Kristen Hine. Kristen Hine currently works for Florida Spine and Joint Institute. When she worked with Sanofi-Aventis, she was consistently at the top of the sales force, currently ranking #2 in her region and exceeding quotas by 220%. Kristen Hine holds a degree in journalism from The Ohio State University, which she credits with giving her a lot of the necessary skills to survive and to thrive in the business world. Kristen Hine has built a strong resume and a successful career in pharma sales and medical device representation.