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In this April(ish) 2018 edition:

  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (Email, Website and E-Waste)
  • STRATEGIES (Tech and Testing, IO Education Data Wall and..... It's that familiar Digital Citizenship Time of Year!)
  • OPPORTUNITIES (May Tech Lab Trainings, CA Teachers Summit, and COAST)
  • plus some flashback news at the end


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Want to know how email will be changing? Watch this video!


Over the summer, we will be shifting our @hueneme.org domain from Microsoft based email and calendar, to Google services. Make sure you are not caught off guard, and prepare yourself for this change.

Download the flyer below for information about training. Sign up while there is still space available!

For more info about how this decision was made, read this Summary of the process

REGISTER HERE--- You *MAY* Want to know Google Better

That's right... click here to register for a training session at the tech lab.


District and School Website refresh

Why not give everything a facelift all at once? There's no reason not to, so that's what we are doing!!

Do you wish families checked the school website to answer questions and stay informed? So do we!

What if we had an app for that? WE WILL!!!

Coming this summer... a refreshed website look that will include Android and iOS apps so news goes straight to where parents will look! It is being built right now. As we speak!

HOWEVER, teacher webpages are not part of this. That's okay, because other services (Google Classroom, Seesaw, Remind, Class Dojo etc) seem to have filled in the gap. You know what else can fill the gap?


Click the link above to get training in Google Sites the last week of May.

You're gonna like the way you look! (or at least the way your webpage looks...)



It has come up, so let's talk about it...

Have you wondered what happens to those devices that are removed from your classrooms?

When new devices are deployed, obsolete hardware is prepared for disposal. HESD contracts with Recycle International for the disposal of E-waste. Recycle International certifies that materials are handled in strict compliance with the guidelines set by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIBMB), and the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) pursuant to all sections under S66273 and S66261.

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GET DEVICES READY FOR TESTING--- Give them a restart and an update!


1. Make sure the iOS is updated (in settings, ask if you need help)

2. Use the AIR SECURE App on your student ipads.

3. Make sure the iPads have been shut down and restarted recently.

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Chromebook classrooms

1. Make sure all Chromebooks have been signed out, shut down and restarted. THIS IS SOOOO IMPORTANT--- IT IS HOW CHROMEBOOKS UPDATE

2. On testing day, students do NOT sign in to the Chromebook (or, they sign out if they stay signed in)

3. Use the AIRSECURE TEST link in the bottom left.

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DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP LESSONS-- choose your lesson, choose your time!

As we are seeing more and more devices integrated into instruction (yay!) and students accessing the internet more regularly, it is no surprise that digital citizenship is an important type of citizenship for our students to develop. For example, in addition to teaching our students to be nice on the playground and take care of their supplies, we also need to teach them to speak kindly online and protect their passwords.

Your administrators will give you more direction about this year's digital citizenship plan, but it is very similar to years past. Click the button to see the lesson options this year and choose the one (in your grade level) that meets the needs of your students.


* Look at the resources and choose your lesson

* Teach one lesson by June 4

* Print your attendance sheet the day you taught the lesson (more detail from your site admin) and make sure to note the lesson you taught, then sign the page.

NEXT YEAR--- plan to teach one lesson the first week of school, before you introduce devices if possible, then teach one per trimester. You may even consider becoming a Common Sense Certified Educator!


April IO Education Tidbit

Want to see something cool? Check out the data wall!

Feel like doing some IO Exploring?

  1. When in IO, click the Virtual Data Wall tile (Note: if it isn't there, click your name in the top right, choose My Tiles and find the tile on the right side, then click + to add it.)
  2. The Virtual Data Wall is a convenient way to sort assessment data and see intervention and extension needs. Explore the menus across the top and on the left side to see how you can filter and sort students.
  3. Get excited, because this feature is in the early stages and will only improve with time!


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Just in case you missed it above..

You have to opportunity for some Google training this month. Get to know Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Sites!

These are the same links as above, I just want to make sure you see it!

REGISTER HERE--- You *MAY* Want to know Google Better

That's right... click here to register for a training session at the tech lab.


CA Teachers Summit 2018

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Have you gone in the past? It is a cool event! It's part TED talk, part keynote speaker, part Edcamp, but it's ALL free and ALL awesome teacher collaboration.

Please join us if you can!

* Friday, July 27, 2018

* 8:45-12:45

* locations all over the state, including Cal State Channel Islands (click either link to register)

* All educators (preservice-retired teachers, administrators and other educators)

Get your free ticket now and put it on your calendar! It is a fun summer check in!

If you went last year, make sure to talk with your colleagues! The more Hueneme in one room, the better!


Want to learn new tech skills?

Are you playing COAST? Collaborative, Online, Activity Based, Self Paced Training is the thing to get you the training you want, WHEN you want! Go to alludolearning.com and sign in (top right corner) with your @hsdschools.org Google account, then you are ready to get started!

Teachers and admin are earning t-shirts, upgraded teacher iPads and going to conferences... what are you waiting for?


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Digital Citizenship for Grown Ups

Hueneme Elementary School District provides you with technology, like a teacher station (desktop or laptop) and an iPad... that's pretty cool!

HESD employees rely on their district-issued technology to get their work done. From teaching a lesson to communicating with co-workers, we need our tech to work it's best everyday.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure your computers and device are secure and ready to use when you need them.

  1. Use district issued technology for job-related tasks only.
  2. Only HESD employees should access HESD computers and devices.
  3. Lock or log off HESD devices when you are not using them.
  4. Do not share passwords with others, even trusted colleagues, long-term subs, or family members.

Just a friendly reminder for us all.


Donors Choose is awesome, but...

PLEASE, before requesting anything technology related, run it past the tech department.

Not all devices (color printers, tablets etc) can be connected to our network, and not all apps/sites required (to use robots, for example) can be loaded on our iPads or used on our Chromebooks for privacy policy reasons.

This is NOT a time for "ask forgiveness, not permission," but it IS an example of "look before you leap."

We want you and your students to have cool stuff, but technology has some parameters you probably aren't aware of. Help US help YOU, see what I'm sayin? So please, just drop me an email before publishing your request on Donors Choose, if technology is involved in your request.


Digital Citizenship--- a thread woven, rather than a lesson taught

The appropriate time to teach digital citizenship is always now. You probably are familiar with the one lesson your grade level teaches, but there are four more. Look though your grade level, and earlier grade levels, and use the lessons that meet the needs of your students. It is important that we are all learning how to be safe online!

Click here to see your Digital Citizenship resource options!


Thanks for reading! Just for fun... have you seen this one?



Liz Hoppe, technology resource teacher

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