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For the Week of December 16, 2012

Welcome to the TEAM!

Mary Whittle (GA) - Mentor, Lorri Gail Moffatt (GA)

Kristy Blakenship (VA) - Mentor, Tiffany Harper (TN)

Theresa Ogden (VA) - Mentor, Kristie Mansfield (CA)

Debbie Dobson (IL) - Mentor, Dianne Goodson (SC)

Mindy Ball (TN) - Mentor, Katie Blackmore (TN)

Alma Tooley (CA) - Mentor, Mindi Moon (CA)

Stacy Davis (GA) - Mentor, Lorri Gail Moffatt (GA)

Rochelle deRodriguez (NE) - Mentor, Vanessa Ramirez (TX)

Melissa Davis (NM) - Mentor, Melissa Ring (NM)

Barbara Johann (GA) - Mentor, Lorri Gail Moffatt (GA)

Doreen Warner (MI) - Mentor, Angela Mast (MI)

Tia Walker (MI) - Mentor, Katie Fisher (MI)

Ashley Humphrys (OR) - Mentor, Heidi Ruich Murray (AZ)

Lorie Storey (GA) - Mentor, Joy Barr (GA)

Amy Gibson (ND) - Mentor, Melissa Fitzloff (ND)

Kristy Youngblood (SC) - Mentor, Stacy Davis (GA)

Monica McClellan (GA) - Mentor, Lorri Gail Moffatt (GA)

Susana Castillo (IL) - Mentor, Kristina Graham (TN)

Gina Howard (AL) - Mentor, Susan Cohen (AL)

Joanna McGowen (GA) - Mentor, Joy Barr (GA)

Emma Rodrigues (CA) - Mentor, Kristie Mansfield (CA)

Mindy Smith (CA) - Mentor, Kristina Graham (TN)

Laura Fort (GA) - Mentor, Mary Whittle (GA)

Renee Segura (CA) - Mentor, Michelle Quintana (CA)

Newtown, CT

I would like to take a moment and share the words from the Nest regarding the horrific situation that occurred in Newton, CT. Along with the nest I know we all share these feelings.

Our hearts ache after hearing the news of today's senseless school shooting in Newtown, CT.

Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to all who have been impacted. This tragedy hits our O2 family close to home, as we have many Designers in Newtown and neighboring towns. We stand united in support of those who were lost, and all who have been affected.

{Love + Big Hugs}

The Nest

How to Plan for January Business Now

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December is often an exceptionally busy time for retailers and small business owners. The holiday demand for products can keep you just going, going, going until the holidays finally arrive and you’re left exhausted. Unfortunately, right after the holidays many business owners experience a slump in sales…unless they’ve planned ahead. Here are some tips to keep your business going strong right into January:

  • Use the holiday business to your advantage. Don’t just coast through the busy holiday selling season without planning ahead. Put a specific emphasis on the advantages your customers will experience by coming back to you in January. Talk it up! And be sure to make a list of all the things you can be doing with every customer to encourage them to shop with you in January, so you remember to tell your customers about them.
  • Make a list. While your customers are shopping with you during the holidays, be sure to gather their contact information, and get permission to contact them later. That way, you have a marketing mailing list you can take advantage of after the holidays are over.
  • Offer coupons and other incentives that can be used in January. Every customer that purchases from you, and hostesses that host for you, should receive a special coupon that offers additional discounts, gifts, or other offers for coming back in January. Make it a “just for you” offer that allows them to pamper themselves after taking care of everyone else during the holidays. But get your customers thinking beyond the holidays. People still need things in January. Make sure they think of your business when they need them.
  • Hold a post-holiday sale. Many retailers offer special post-holiday discounts on merchandise, and customers expect these. Think about a sale that your business can offer after the holidays, and give each customer a flyer or email reminding them about that sale.
  • Offer a January promotion related to weight loss, New Year’s Resolutions or self-improvement. One of the keys to successful marketing is talking about the things people are interested in. In January, there is always a huge emphasis on New Year’s resolutions and weight loss. think about ways your product line might fit into this. For example, if you sell candles, you might have a promotion that focuses on the resolution to make more time for your spouse (candlelight dinners, anyone?) If you sell skincare, craft a promotion that focuses on “New Year, New You” and teaches techniques for improving your skin or updating your look. If you sell cooking products, focus a promotion on healthy cooking techniques. No matter what you sell, there’s a way to tie it into what everyone is thinking about in the New Year. Create a promotion that takes advantage of this to build your business, and make sure your customers know about it now so they’re ready.

To keep your business income consistent, you need to focus on the activities that will keep customers coming back in January. By applying these tips, you’ll attract customers who are ready to shop for themselves.

What are you doing to build your January business now? Share on our Team SWIFT FB Group!

What do Direct Sellers Do December 15-31?

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Have you noticed how direct sellers seem to take a holimonth instead of a holiday every December? It’s like they neatly put their business on the shelf for most of the month of December (or at least from the 15th on) and hope against hope that it will be there, strong as ever, waiting for them come January 2nd when the world starts to turn again. Unfortunately, it’s often more the case that their neglected business has withered and is in dire need of resuscitation come January.

It’s important to make sure you’re booking yourself solid for January in November and early December. But once you've done that, do you have any options besides just taking two weeks off at the end of December? Absolutely!

Remember all those business activities you've been saying you didn't have time for all year (like personal development, follow up calls, and planning)? Well, now you've got two weeks spread out in front of you like a gift. Grab it and rip it open!

Here are just a few ideas for how you might spend your work hours over the next few weeks.

  • Call all of your September, October, November and December guests and make sure they’re happy with their products. Come armed with some great reasons to host a party in January and make it your goal to book at least three parties.
  • Commit to listen to/read at least one training program related to your business and write down at least three ideas you want to implement based on that training.
  • Set up and launch a “Host of the Month” club. Here’s a simple format:
    • 12 participants are required, 1 Hostess for each month of the year.
    • Each hostess is required to place a minimum order each month (determined by your minimum qualifying show total divided by 11).
    • Each member will have one month assigned to her as Hostess of the Month at the beginning of the year.
    • The Hostess of the Month will receive ALL Hostess rewards for her month.
    • If the Hostess of the Month decides to have a personal Home Party in her month, she will have the Monthly Hostess Club funds applied to her party! She begins with at least the amount of orders she has as the host of the month, thereby increasing her Home Party sales & Hostess Rewards

These are just a few ideas. Most importantly, make sure whatever you’re doing, you’re doing something! Taking two full weeks off at any time of the year just isn’t healthy for a thriving business. You owe it to yourself to at least work part time during the last two weeks of December so that you have a business to come back to in January.

I’m curious. What are your plans for the weeks between December 15th and January 1st regarding your business. Post on our Team SWIFT FB Group!