SSD in Affton Monthly Dispatch

September 2022

A Letter From Your SSD in Affton Administration Team

Welcome Back! We are so excited to see your amazing children back in our classrooms and in the halls. We have missed them all and are so excited to welcome our new friends. Please remember that this Newsletter is all about how we can better support you. We heard you and appreciate all of the positive feedback regarding the extended open houses for our students with special needs as well as the walk through opportunities prior to school starting. We love to support our students and their families. Please don't forget to come to our PAC Meetings on the third Thursday of the month where we have time to meet with other families in our community. As you enter back into the routine of school and business, don't forget to take care of yourselves!

We hope you also enjoy our new sections in our Newsletter where we highlight our amazing teachers!

We are looking for one more family member to help co-lead our PAC with Angie Hanks. If you are willing, we promise to help! This is a great Parent led opportunity that is not a huge time commitment, but helps you help us build a better community for our students and their families. We appreciate your consideration!

SSD Staff Appreciation Form

Do you have a teacher or staff member who has gone above & beyond for you or your child - supporting them, encouraging them to do their best or being a listening ear when they need someone? Take a minute to write a note of thanks by sharing your appreciation with them. You may fill out this form as many times as you would like for different school personnel.

Get to Know Our Amazing Teachers!

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Google Meet Link for All PAC Meetings


6:30 – 7:30pm on dates listed above.

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 231-769-0851‬ PIN: ‪534 509 057‬#

More phone numbers:

What is an IEP?

What is an IEP? An IEP – or Individualized Education Program – is a term used to describe the official documentation of special education services that will be provided for your child as well as the meeting where these services are determined. Here are some key points to help you become more familiar with an IEP:

The IEP is:

  • A meeting where parents, students when appropriate, and school personnel jointly make decisions about an educational program for a student with a disability
  • A document that is a written record of the decisions reached at the meeting for a student who will receive special education and related services
  • A management tool used to implement an educational program
  • The IEP has a number of purposes and functions:

    • The IEP meeting serves as a communication opportunity between parents and educators and enables them, as equal participants, to jointly decide what the student’s needs are, what services will be provided to meet those needs, and what the anticipated outcomes may be.
    • The IEP process provides an opportunity for resolving any differences between the parents and the school concerning the special education needs of a student with a disability – first, through the IEP meeting, and second, if necessary, through the procedural protections that are available to parents.
    • The IEP sets forth in writing a commitment to provide services and resources necessary to enable a student with a disability to receive needed special education services.
      The IEP is not:
    • The IEP is not a daily lesson plan, but it does cover an entire year.
    • The IEP is not an evaluation report. An evaluation report describes your child’s strengths and needs. The information from an evaluation report is used to help write the IEP.
    • The IEP is not a contract. It does describe things you and the school have agreed to do for your child, but it cannot guarantee that all the special help will be successful.
    • The IEP is not a comprehensive curriculum. It relates to special considerations within your child’s overall education.
    • The IEP is not timeless. As your child grows and learns and changes, the IEP will need to reflect these changes.

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Health and Wellness

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Affton By the Numbers

Family and Community Engagement Program (FACE)

Special School District has launched the new Family and Community Engagement program (FACE), effective July 1, 2022. The program was created by merging Parent Education and Diversity Awareness (PEDA) and Family Engagement divisions.

The mission of FACE is to partner with students, families, and staff to support students throughout the District. These supports will include specialized academic, social, and emotional needs to promote self-determination, equitable opportunities, and authentic inclusion.

Families will still have access to the great resources formerly provided through PEDA and Family Engagement, like the Family Leadership Institute (formerly known as the Parent Leadership Institute), the Resource Hub at North Technical High School, Lunch & Learn virtual series, workshops, and more.


  • To register for a workshop, please email or call 314.989.8460.

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Who Should I contact?

Katy Meers - Affton Special Education Director K-12 and Special Education Coordinator for Mesnier and Gotsch - or call at 314-633-5912

Ky Schlundt - Special Education Coordinator for Gotsch and Rogers -

Tim Orr - School Psychologist for Mesnier and AHS -

Marie-France Castor - School Psychologist for Gotsch and Rogers and assists with EC

Beckie Rainbolt - SSD Social Worker for Mesnier and AHS -

Deanna Wright-Coffman - SSD Social Worker for Gotsch and Rogers -

Pam Miller - SSD Social Worker for Rogers and AHS -

What if I would like to get more frequent or less frequent data on goals? Please contact your child's case manager or service providers.

What if I would like information regarding a class assignment? Please contact the teacher for that assignment.

What if I have a concern? Please contact the students case manager. If you have already contacted the case manager and you have not received results, please contact Ky or Katy.