Eli Whitney's Inventions

By: Treshawn Chamberlain

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Cotton Gin

This machine easily separates cotton fibers from cotton seeds. If you have this invention then you can change the cotton to clothes, and use the cotton seeds to grow more.The machine works by turning a crank, which caused a cylinder covered with wire teeth to revolve; the teeth pulled the cotton fiber, carrying it through slots in the cylinder as it revolved; since the slots were too small for the seeds, they were left behind; a roller with brushes then removed the fibers from the wire teeth. Who wouldn't want a cotton gin.
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Slaves for sale for 700$ per person

Their qualities

They have been analyzed, the teeth have been looked at. We have looked at their muscles and the bending of their body. We have the best slaves around. They have respect and work hard, if you respect them. This will make picking the cotton easier. You're gonna need some to grow the cotton, pick the cotton, and work the cotton gin. This could all be helped by slaves.

You won't be disappointed!!