Morgans 6th grade science smore

My work from 2015-2016 earth science class

Earthquakes PBL

The earthquake PBL was one of our big unit projects this year. In this project we got to build a little model house out of posicle sticks, clay, straws, and rubberbands. The goal was to make your house so it could withstand an earthquake. This project was my favorite project of science this year!

30 Hands Project

This project was a project done on an app called Thirty Hands, this app was used to make a slideshow. In this project we talked about the atmosphere and Global Warming and how it would effect the earth. This project was a fun individual assignment.

Invention Convention

Our invention convention was an invention that crushed and melted objects together. Once the objects were cooled of they would be shipped to a company to make something out of the object. Our project reuses trash to make it into something new.

30 Hands Atmosphere project

This is the link to my 30 Hands Atmosphere Project video.