Technology for Teachers!

5 Apps that Enhance Learning in the Classroom


This app is perfect for teachers to create interactive study sessions with students in class for a review day! It allows to user to create flash cards, post study guides and even make quizzes! The app is easy to use and can be used on most common devices such as any Apple product, tablet or computer.
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CertPoint VLS

This app is great for teachers whose classes have a heavier homework load! The app allows teachers to "deliver content, assessments, video, podcasts, wikis, blogs, and files directly to learners mobile device." This also can be used on a variety of devices.
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QR Code Generators/Readers

"Quick Reponse" codes are perfect for the classroom. Teachers can give access codes to students to use on their devices to take surveys or mini quizzes that serve as a learning purpose that also makes the process fun and interactive. The teacher can then see how many people have participated in order to track that all of their students are actively engaging in the lesson.
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Detect Mobile Browser

This app is great for controlling the content that students see and search on their mobile devices during class. For example, if teachers were to get the students to download the app and sign up as a teacher with the relevant code, they would be linked up with the entire class. During class times and while teachers are delivering knowledge in the classroom and students are on their mobile phones for learning purposes, they can not only look up educational resources but are blocked from looking up social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Teacher also have the ability to change what kind of content the students have access to.
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Wapple Canvas

This app is perfect for the teacher to create digital flyers or online posters that deliver important content to the class in a fun and interactive way. This app could also be used by students for tasks or assignments to learn concepts in a engaging manner. The app is simple simple to use because of its drag and drop format and can be used on either a computer of any Apple product.
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