Massachusetts Region

By Elyse Lebeau

Who and what year was your region founded?

Massachusetts was founded by John, Winthrop, Thomas Dudley, both puritans, and by other non-separatist puritans.

What Region is your colony in?

The colony Massachusetts was located in the New England colony, also known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

In what year was your colony founded?

Massachusettes was founded in year 1630, same year John Winthrop became President.

Why was it founded?

The reason Massachusettes was founded is because the Puritans wanted to find and create a colony where they could practice their religion without be bothered and questioned.

What are some economic resources in your region?

Some economic resources in Massachusetts at 1630 were fishes, corn, livestock, lumbering and shipbuilding.

What is the geography and climate like?

In Massachusetts the geography and climate is fertile land, rick pastures, the winters are long and the growing season is short.
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