For Sale-Nice Old Car

Needs some TLC- Asking price is negotiable!


Vehicle Description

  1. Vehicle has all the comforts of riding in luxury.
  2. The brown, rusty frame is an excellent project for anyone to sand and paint.
  3. The new chrome door handles just need to be screwed back in place.
  4. The tires are on site, somewhere.
  5. There is a spacious trunk that is holding most of the engine parts. But don't worry with the step by step manual, it will be up and running like a dream in no time at all! (Depending on what kind of mechanic skills you have.)
  6. Thinking about the gas mileage? By the time you do get the vehicle some what running, gas will be a thing of the past.
  7. Without windows, it is easy on the air conditioner.

This vehicle is at a steal of a price! Don't let it get away!

Please call: 1-800-you-crazy!