Hydraulic Project

By: Pranvit and Uzair


This is our hydraulic project. It is a crane which could pick up stuff. We basically made the crane with popstical try to copy the actual one, we did everything which a crane does except from moving sideways. It is just instead of metal we put popstical sticks and instead of a big giant block of metal, we put an small wooden block.


We learned a lot and even came with some things which we could improve next time, when we work on hydraulic project.

  1. We will try to make the crane's arm go sideways.
  2. We will try to make it look more attractive.
  3. We will try to make the crane pick a little more heavy stuff,like bunch of pencils altogether.

These were all the things which we could have done to look more like a crane.

The challenge we faced was that our crane's arm wasnt straight, it would be tilted or it wouldnt go straight. The way we solved this problem was by tying the arm of the crane with our syringe part, so now it goes up and its not even tilted.

What does it do

Materials we used

Materials we used to make our hydraulic crane are:-

  • Popstical sticks
  • 2 Syringes
  • Vinyl tube
  • 4 Tires
  • 5 Dices
  • 3 Craft cubes with holes
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Skewers
  • Hot glue gun


By: Pranvit and Uzair