Stephen William Hawking

his life and the disease

Article about Hawking

Hawking was born in oxford, england on 8 January 1942, to Frakn ans Isobel hawking.

bothe parenets attendede the university of oxford, where Frank studied medicine and Isobel, Philosophy Politics and Economics.

Haking has two younger sisters, Phlippa and Mary, And an adopted brother, Edward.

In 1963,when hewking was in Cambrige university he started a relationship with literature student Jane Wilde. they got married and had 3 children.

About Hawking

Hawking was a theoretical Physicists , Cosmologist , authore and Director of Research at the center of Theoretical Cosmology withing the university of Cambrige .

He is an Honorary fellow of the royal society of arts , a lifetime member of the Pontifical Academy of sciences and a recipient of the Presedintial medal of freedom , The highest civilian award in the US . Hawking was the Lucasian proffesor of Mathematics at the univeristy of cambrige between 1979 and 2009 and has achieved comercial succes with works of pupolar science in which he discuses his own theorys and cosmology in general .

ALS disease

Stephen was diagnosed with ALS, a form of Motor Neurone Disease, shortly after his 21st birthday. In spite of being wheelchair bound and dependent on a computerised voice system for communication Stephen Hawking continues to combine family life (he has three children and three grandchildren), and his research into theoretical physics together with an extensive programme of travel and public lectures. He still hopes to make it into space one day. The disease didn't effect on his work, he kept working and discovering new things.

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