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June 15, 2018

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A Message from the PTSO...

Happy Summer! The PTSO would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2018. We wish you much success at the H.S. Heather and I would like to thank our executive board, the chair-people, and all the volunteers that helped us these past 2 years. We will miss MAMS but we are excited for the next 4 years at the H.S. We hope you all enjoy your summer.

Thank you,

Jennifer Tesi and Heather Piazza

MAMS Yearbook Ordering

Thank you so much to everyone who supported the yearbook club this year. We fulfilled our sales goals and look forward to making the yearbook even better next year!

Important Dates and Events

By, Gianna T. (8thy Grade)

Friday, June 15th

8th Grade Pool Trip Rain Date

7th Grade Spirit Day’

Jar of Hope Challenge

Monday, June 18th

BOE Meeting

Tuesday, June 19th

Band and Chorus Picnic

Thursday, June 21st

Four-Hour Session

Friday, June 22nd

Four-Hour Session

Fourth Marking Period Ends

Last Day of School!

Saturday, June 23rd

8th Grade Graduation at Brookdale

Family Workshop Series Available All Summer!

Student Contributions


To the Newspaper Staff: Thank you for hard work this year. We are going to miss our 8th-grade students who worked so hard to make this newsletter a success each month. We would like to give a huge shout out to the following 8th-grade students for their devotion to the club throughout the year: Jade Opuszynski, Chloe Reeve, Joey Worosila, Charlie Canazaro, Kaysey Antos, Grace Calcagno, Gianna Tesi, Carla Vreeland, and Veronica Kolb.

To our readers: Thank you so much for your support. While it's hard to keep up with all of the happenings going on all the time, we hope that we provided you some great news, jokes, trailers, comics, advice, and other information related to the middle school. We look forward to coming back with even better news next year!

MAMS Choirs Trip: Music in the Parks 2018

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By, Esther F. (6th Grade)

What an excellent performance by the MAMS choirs at Six Flags! We started off arriving at Jackson Liberty High School at around 10 in the morning. One of the firsts groups to perform was the MAMS Vigoroso and Dolce men and women choirs. Both Dolce and Vigoroso had two pieces. Dolce sang,” We Raise up Our Voices!” by Amy F. Bernon with soloist April Ivan and,”Lineage” by Andrea Ramsey accompanied by drummers Maire and Asna. Vigoroso sang”Heading Home” with soloist Joseph and “Land of the Silverbirch” by Jerry Estes.

During their performances, the rest of the choirs stayed on the buses parked outside the school. After Dolce and Vigoroso’s performances, the full choirs lined up outside of the school to take pictures then, filed into the school. What a large choir we were! The full choir sang,” Americana Songbook” by Douglas E. Wagner and, "'Tis You That Are The Music” by Cynthia Gray.

After our adjudication, we headed to Six Flags: Great Adventure! At around 1:50, we arrived at the park. Til 4:30 we spend the day in groups of about 10 with 1-2 chaperones roaming the park and having fun! Then at 5:00 all the choirs from schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York met in the movie town arena for the award ceremony.

This year we brought home a grand total of 4 trophies! Dolce and Vigoroso both received a superior and 1st place in the men and women's choir category while the full choir received a superior and 1st place in the AA middle school mixed choir category. The MAMS choir also received the high overall score trophy! After the ceremony, we had 2 more hours in the park before heading home for the day!

Congratulations, MAMS chorus!

Mr. Reynold's Class Wins Pennies for Patients Contest

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Mr. Reynold's 7th grade 1/2 science class had the opportunity to pie Mr. Eyler in the face on June 13th. They raised the most money for Pennies for Patients in the month of May with a grand total of $711.63 raised! The total amount raised was $1,917.59. Great job, students!


An ambulance parked in the front of MAMS is usually a sign of concern, but when that ambulance is SAMBULANCE everyone can rest assured that there is no emergency, just a lot of learning going on. SAMBULANCE is a complimentary educational safety program with the goal of empowering individuals with special needs. The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad includes a team of trained teachers and first responders who are dedicated to creating a safe community.

The students in Ms. Wallace’s Adapted PE and Ms. Bliss’ class focused on recognizing safety officials or community helpers, donning and trying some equipment themselves. They could see that the firefighters’ equipment isn’t so scary after all and that they need to yell loud to be heard. With a little help from some of the Peer Buddies, 911, and first-aid, scenarios were played out, so everyone could practice what to do to get help in an emergency. The visit finished up with everyone getting a chance to tour the SAMBULANCE ambulance- complete with a gurney, medical equipment, and of course, lights and sirens!

Italian Students Visit La Dolce Vita in Belmar

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Many trips occurred in May and June and we'd like to feature the Italian classes who went to La Dolce Vida in Belmar. On a beautiful day at the end of May, students boarded buses and enjoyed a beachfront lunch with wonderful Italian cuisine. The chefs prepared a multi-course meal for students and afterward, students were able to get up and dance to some traditional Italian tunes. All had a great time!

DIY Watermelon Pops

By, Esther F., Charlie N., & KerriAnn M. (6th Grade)

The last day of school slowly but surely approaches here are some fun things to do in SUMMER!

The ultimate food combo: watermelon and popsicles!

You’ll need: watermelon juice,(homemade or store bought) popsicle containers, vanilla yogurt, kiwi juice, chocolate chips.

Making popsicles are really two steps, filling the pops and putting them in the freezer to chill. These pops, however, need a little more attention. What you’ll need to do is fill the popsicle containers ⅔ of the way full with watermelon juice. Sprinkle in chocolate chips and set in the freezer to chill for about 15 mins. Next, fill ½ of the remaining ⅓ of the popsicle containers with yogurt and set to chill for 5 mins next repeat with the kiwi juice and enjoy!

DIY Flip-Flop Welcome Sign

This cute and friendly craft will surely tell all your guests where the party is! You’ll need: 7 flip-flops, paint, flowers (Or anything else to decorate ex:shells) , string and glue. Hot glue your flip-flops together and paint the 7 letters of W-E-L-C-O-M-E on them. Hot glue string onto the back so you can hang it on a door later. Finally, decorate with flowers or ribbon and hang on a door or window!


Found by, Kaysey A. (8th Grade)

Why are trees very forgiving?

Because in the Fall they "Let It Go" and in the Spring they "turn over a new leaf".

When do people start using their trampoline?


What did the tree say to spring?

What a re-leaf.

Incredibles 2 is out now!

14 years later.... it's back!

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