Atlantic Dweller

New species found in the Atlantic ocean

New species found unconscious in ocean

Franklin B. lander was scuba diving in the atlantic ocean and started to explore a cave.

"I was exploring a cave when I hit a "V" in it" Franklin explained "One of the tunnels was perfectly round and the other was normal. I went down the Round tunnel and found the body with golden armor on it."

Has this affected humans?

Fishing block

The United States of America have made a new law affecting fisherman. The law forbids anybody to fish in the atlantic ocean until they figure out what this creature is.

Alien description

This alien is human based but has 3 joints in its arms. It has blue skin. The nostrils can be blocked by skin flaps controlled by the alien. It has golden aromur that has an access point but can not be opened.

Good or Goblin?