Lewis and Clark

By: Kaydence Smail

The Corps of Discovery

Did you know that Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase? Well I do! Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase. The expedition was called The Corps of Discovery.

Why Did Lewis And Clark Go

Why did Lewis get picked to go? Lewis had known Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Jefferson knew Lewis. Lewis knew Clark from the army. Lewis and Clark knew that they would explore the Louisiana Purchase together.

The Peppermint Party

Thirty-three men came on the expedition. They knew they had to train for this day. The group was called the “The Peppermint Party”. One of their members died on August 20, 1804. Even though it was hard they kept

Native Americans

Lewis and Clark met over 50 Native American group’s including The Sioux, Tenton Sioux, and Oto Indians. They also met the Shoeshine Indians and the Mandan Indains. Lewis talked sign langue to some Indians. When they were at a Native American camp they met Sacajawea and her husband. They came along as well. A couple months later Sacajawea had a baby.

Fort Mandan

Lewis and Clark built fort Mandan with the help of his team and the Mandan Indians. Fort Mandan is located right across the river of the Mandan Indians. They met Sacajawea in the Mandan Indian groups. In fort Mandan Lewis and Clark were running out of food and they could not go hunting in the bad weather, but they survived and kept on going.

The Final Thing

Even though it was hard those days Lewis and Clark did not give up. Now you know how hard it was for Lewis and Clark on the expedition.