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"I work from home and get paid for sharing my opinion... You can choose your lifestyle too!"

Step 1 - Recognise the power of your opinion

When was the last time you raved to a friend about a movie that you'd just seen and loved? Or a restaurant where the food and service was so great that they just have to go and try it out? You are

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Benefits of Having a Tri Nature Business:

As we all know the products we promote are amazing!

- Jo Raydan

(State Manager & Independent Consultant)

(Refer to Gentle Chemistry Info & 20 Reasons Why)

Once people try them we have customers for life:

"My longest standing customer has been with me for 25 years! At one point she decided to try a different brand of product. Very quickly she came back to Tri Nature. She buys all the cleaning, laundry and kitchen products and just recently has started buying the personal care range. She has said she will never stop using Tri Nature and buying it for her two married daughters". - Jo Raydan

Many of us only consider the retail side of the Tri Nature business.

Of course this is important and the quickest way to make money (see extra discount table).

AND I recommend that every consultant considers sponsoring. I'm not suggesting you go out and start aggressively hassling people. What I find works is to make sure everyone is aware that they can do what I'm doing.

"Do you want to make some more money?"

"Do you have a plan B if what you are doing now falls apart?"

"You can buy the products wholesale"

For very little money and for as little as 5 hours a week (or less in some cases) people are building a network of consultants in their team.

The benefits of having a team? Residual income! You don't have to be out there selling all the time if you have a team. Twice I have had a 7 week holiday overseas. Both times I still got paid.

My plan is to have an extended holiday next year and it will be paid for mainly by my residual income.

Please make sure you let ALL your customers know that this is available to them. Most of them won't be interested so don't worry. AND there will be a few that see the opportunity.

If someone is interested there are a number of questions we need to ask before recommending they become a consultant. This is where your sponsor/team leader comes in. All you need to do is ask the question of your clients, and then we can do the rest!

That's what we are here for, to support you in growing a successful business.



TEAM SALES DECEMBER 2016 - Congratulations to all of you!

Sales from $250 - $349.99

You will receive an EXTRA 5% in Bonus Payments

Sales from $1,000 - $1,999.99

You will receive an EXTRA 18% in Bonus Payments

Wow December was a quiet month for this team orders that were placed were all under $200, remember to receive bonuses you need to be placing orders over $250. If you are struggling to do this please let me know and I can give you some advice :)

Are you signing your customers up as loyalty members?

If you have customers who are loving the Tri Nature products make sure you sign them up as a loyalty member.

What is a loyalty Member?

It's FREE to join, by becoming a Tri Nature Loyalty Member you are eligible to receive a 5% discount on ALL orders placed on the Tri Nature website.

Loyalty Members will receive the monthly specials from Head Office, this is great because if they are seeing the email every month it reminds them of Tri Nature and introduces them to products they may not have used yet.

If you need help signing customers up as loyalty please let me know so I can help.

Why you want Loyalty Members?

If your loyalty members sign up and place an order through the Tri Nature website you will earn commission on their orders.

Facebook Groups & Training

Are you apart of our Facebook Groups???

If you are not apart of these groups and would like to me please let me know :)

Eco Living/Clean Living TN Team

Southern Belles Going for Gold

TNT Unstoppables

TNT Dynamites

If you have joined new team members make sure you add them to these groups and feel free to share their email addresses with us so we can add them to our monthly newsletter.

Take advantage of the $70 Packs

Below is the new 'Independent Consultant Joining Packs' these packs are available to purchase in the first 6 months of your membership. We recommend buying the packs and then selling the products individually to your customers at retail price. This is a great way to make some extra $$$ and also if you are doing markets or parties you can use them as your display to begin with.

Trish Ward - You have until Feb 2017

Tracey Young - You have until March 2017

Emily Andrea - You have until April 2017

These are also great to show customers who may be interested in joining the business.

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Have you registered???

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