Welcome to Week 9

Critical Thinking Project | The Central Park Five

A few "housekeeping" items...

First, there are still a few of you behind on submission. Each week an assignment is due on Sunday night, and unless you've spoken to me prior, please complete the assignments on time.

Secondly, I understand this isn't an English course, but part of presenting professional critical thinking academic writing is being able to follow the standard format for these sorts of projects and essays. All essays should be in MLA format, including citations—in-text and Works Cited. One aspect of critical thinking is being able to synthesize your ideas with texts and other resources. When we do that in academia, we cite things. If you have trouble with this please let me know and I'll be glad to help! I teach MLA in many other colleges and have plenty of resources. In terms of your work, I'm not being super strict on MLA—I just want to see that you are using the resources and giving credit where it is due. When you don't make the effort to cite or provide sources, then a lot of points are deducted.

Also, I updated the grade book, make sure you review it from time to time to make sure everything is up to date and everything look great! Email me if you have any questions!

Objectives for this Week

Aside from a few extra articles, this week you will be putting all of your resources and readings together to develop you critical thinking project for The Central Park Five.

The interrogations of the five young men quickly escalated from some rowdy behavior to sexual assault within hours. After hours of interrogation and promises of going home if they confessed, they gave in and told the police what they wanted to hear. The film shows how they we coerced into providing false confessions in order to make the arrests needed for a heinous crime.

But why? Why were these five wrongly accused and arrested for the rape of the jogger?

The film connects the arrest with both economic class and race; which do you think it was?

Or were these young men at the wrong place, at the wrong time?

Use evidence from the film, readings, and videos provided to defend your position.

Submission Requirements

  • 800 Word MLA Formatted Essay
  • Use at least five sources in addition to
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