The 1940's

By: Jacob Harter

Presidents and World Leaders

Franklin D. Roosevelt- President of the U.S.

Became President of U.S. on March 4, 1993

Harry S. Truman- President of the U.S

Became President of U.S. in 1945 due to the sudden death of FDR

Edouard Daladier- Prime Minister of France

Became P.M. of France on 31 Jan and 26 Oct 1933

Joseph Stalin- Dictator of USSR

Was the leader since 1924 until his death in 1953

Winston Churchill- Prime Min. of UK

Became Prime Minister from 1940- 1945

Laws and Important Decisions/ Supreme Court Decisions

The G.I. Bill was one of the most influential bills, because it gave returning veterans many benefits that are very appealing. Many men joined the military for those benefits.

Jim Crow laws were laws that were used for, segregation of the blacks and the whites. This law was dismantled in the late 1940s.

Hirabayashi vs. United States, was a court decision that made Japanese Americans become relocated and seen as threats to the U.S. for spying and telling Japan.

Technological Changes

The first computer was created, ENIAC, it was digital. Not much use at first ,but slowly became better after going back to Moore School to become more technologically advanced.

We sent the first rockets into space ,but they didn't reach very high altitudes before exploding, but luckily there were only fruit flies and a handful of monkeys sent in them.

Cost/ Standard of living

Everything back in the 1940s was super cheap compared to this day and age. The gas prices then were about $0.18, while today its about $3.40, which is a huge difference. Cars were only about $850 brand spank'n new, but now range from $14,000 to $60,000.

Standards of living were very different then they were now, many things existed then that don't now such as the great depression. WWII was also fought very differently than we fight wars now. Then things started to look for the better, when unemployment reached a low 1.2% of Americans.


Entertainment was reaching an all time high now that lots of good bands and Movies were appearing throughout America.

Some songs; This Land Is Your Land, by Woody Guthrie, Boogie Chillen, John Lee Hooker, and Blue Moon of Kentuckey, by Bill Moore.

Some Movies included; The Great Dictator, Casablanca, and To Be Or Not To Be.


Many of the sports back then had great athletes as does, this day and age. Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Boxing were all popular sports. Some of the most well known athletes in this time were, Jackie Robinson, Bill Willis, Joe Louis, Ted Williams ,and Joe Fulks. Sports were mostly the same back then as they are now, but now there are a lot more rules, and it is usually a lot safer for the players than it was back then. Lots of sports athletes were just playing the game to play the game, they weren't getting paid millions of dollars to play the game that they should love to play.

Lifestyle/ Famous People

Many famous people influenced the life style of the common students. Some of the famous people who had the biggest influences were, Rosie the Riveter, Picasso, and Richard Wright.

The lifestyle during the 1940's was something of difference, the women wore slacks, like the men had worn because it was easier and better to work in than a dress. The wore was going on so people tried rationing to give food and money to the military , by buying war bonds.

Clothes had also become more colorful and vibrant.


America was stuck in WWII like many other nations had decided to become because of the attack on pearl harbor by the Japanese. On December 7, 1941 a little before 8 a.m. unbeknownst to the Americans, that they would be bombed by Japanese fighter planes. The Naval Fleet had been ransacked, and very blindsided. 3000 American sailors and soldiers had been either killed, or wounded. 8 Battle ships had been destroyed, and 20 other American vessels. Two years into the war, the United States had finally joined the war.