When I grow up I want to be an actress. I picked this career because the pay is fair, its fun, and you get to work in groups.

Training and Education

To be a actress you don't need a degree required. It takes many years of practice to remember your lines. It might seem easy but you have to remember it or else you will get embarrassed.

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Work enviroment

In plays you work in indoors and outdoors. You can work in groups so that people can be focused. Work assignments are usually short ranging from 1 day to a few months.

job description

The salary is $18.80 per hour. I also want to make my own acting company when I grow up. The average is 10% faster. The responsibilities are you have to read scripts, memorize their lines, audition in front of directors, and rehearse their lines and perform it.


I still have interest in pursuing this career after completing my research because I know I can make my dreams come true. Hope you guys enjoyed my story! BYE!!