Getting Ready for CMP3 Pilot!

Opportunity to Begin Planning for CMP3

Hello! I hope each of you is having a wonderful summer. I can't believe that it will be Aug by the end of this week. :(

I am not sure if you all check your school email over the summer or not. I wanted to make sure you were aware of the PD opportunity for the new materials. I have cut and pasted Crystals emails below. The morning part will be a chance for all teachers to see how CMP lays out a unit and what is available to teachers. In the afternoon grade level groups will have an opportunity to dig into the math and plan the for the first couple of lessons in their first book.

I hope to see each of you there!


To get our pilot of CMP3 off to a fantastic start, we have planned an overview PD session with a consultant from the math coalition on Thursday, August 20th, 8:00 – 11:30 am. This session will provide an opportunity for teachers to experience the CMP3 materials, collaborate with each other, and get a sense of the overall structure of the program.

This is a chance for all grades 6 – 8 teachers to preview CMP3 as each teacher will be teaching 2 units from CMP3 as part of the pilot (see chart below).

6th Grade

Let’s Be Rational

Covering & Surrounding

7th Grade

Comparing & Scaling

Moving Straight Ahead

8th Grade

Growing, Growing, Growing

Looking for Pythagoras

Teachers can register on DSC (#45927). Hope to see you all there! J

I also wanted to let you and your teachers know that our PD facilitator, all of our coaches, and myself will be staying after the PD on August 20ththroughout the afternoon for teachers if they want to stay and plan together, if they want help going through their first CMP unit, or getting any other extra support that they might need. We will be available all day for support for them! J