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5th November, 2013

Mobile Phones

How did we get it?

My mother bought me a phone, so I gave my old phone to my sister. But my mother didn't buy a phone, she gave it from job.

How much did it cost?

My phone cost about 1000 LT.

My mother's phone cost about 1000 Lt

My sister's phone cost about 400 Lt

What plan do we use?

Me and my sisiter use 'labas' plan.

My mother use 'bite' plan.

How much do we pay per month?

I usually spend about 10 LT per month, so do my sister. My mother for her plan 'bite' usually spend about 50 LT.

What is the use of a mobile phone for us?

Me and my sister use mobile phone for texting messages, calling, internet, listening to music and sometime playing games. My mother uses her telephone just for job calling and texting, calling with her family.