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The man behind the mask

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, or better known as Pewdiepie is the worlds fastest growing Youtube channel right now. With over 25 mil subscribers. He Plays a lot of action and horror games and uploades his reaction on Youtube.

The start of "Pewdiepie"

It started in april 2009, and then he called him self "Pewdie" and later opened a New youtube channel With named Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie have said what the name comes of, -The name comes from some Things about my self, because when i was Young I liked to go around and say "Pew" as i where shooting. and I said, "you Die" and the rest, its for i love pie!

The brofist

The brofist are something Pewdiepie does in every ending of his videos. And then he says; -Give me the brofist, mahaaaaaa

the videos

In every start of his videos he say, -"hi, my name is peeeeewdipiee, and welcome to.." and then the name of the game he is playing.

And he sware in almost every video. And he usaly uploads more than one episode of the game.