W. A. Porter News - Special Edition

Coming to you from the testing dungeon! May 8, 2016

Testing... Testing... 1... 2... 3...

Sitting here on the beautiful veranda at the Bicknell compound... when suddenly i come back to reality and realize it's late Sunday afternoon and i'm sitting in the testing dungeon

I wanted to stop the testing process for a moment and say thanks to all of you. Thanks for pushing, pulling, prodding, poking, promoting, prepping, and praising. Thanks to all of you for all you have done to prepare well rounded, inquisitive, and thoughtful kids.

It's not all about the test... but we do want to put forth our best work... and i think our students are ready to do that.

Since it will be a long week, you need to dress comfortably... jeans... wind suits... whatever can help you get through the day that is comfortable (and appropriate for work).

We will have specials on Monday for non tested grades.

We will NOT have specials on Tuesday as we are using so many staff for small groups.

Just a reminder that until everyone is finished testing in your grade, the only thing that students who have finished can do is rest or read. We want those students who have accommodations to be able to fully utilize them, not hurry to get through so they can go play.

Thanks again... for everything!

See you tomorrow!