My Personality

My Color

My color is red. I'm a fun guy which makes it so people want to work with me but I can be a risk taker at times so that could be a downfall on projects or homework because i might procrastinate.

My Strengths

My strengths are that I like humor so i can avoid conflicts by using it. We're fun so that helps with people wanting to work with me . We're well liked so we have a decent number of friends. We're good at sports so we are athletic and fit. And we're upbeat so we have energy.

My Animal

My animal is the badger. The badger just doesn't care at all. They are an aggressive animal, and they're the trouble maker of the animal kingdom. They are one the most feared animals by everybody and everything.

Careers and Hobbies

My careers and hobbies are a engineer, soldier, reporter, police officer, game warden, and partying.

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My Influence

My influence would be that when i'm in a group i am a natural born leader. I could take charge of the project. I also don't like when people are lazy on projects so i would make sure it looked good