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February 2023

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TREx CTE Data Standard Changes

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Spring 2023 STAAR Administration

  • Out-of-School and Out-of-District Examinee Registration

District personnel must register out-of-school (OOS) and out-of-district (OOD) examinees for the Spring 2023 STAAR administration between January 27 and February 8, 2023. The STAAR OOS and OOD Examinee Registration Form will be available on the Texas Assessment website under Other Testing Resources.

  • Test Administrator Manuals

Beginning January 23, 2023, district personnel will be able to view how many STAAR Test Administrator Manuals they will receive in the initial order shipment, which is scheduled to arrive between February 27 and March 3. Login to TIDE and select "STAAR TAMs, Paper Materials Management" from the Administration Task dropdown menu to view this information.


Additional Order of Paper Test Materials

If needed based on initial orders received, districts may order additional paper test materials during the window of January 13–February 27, 2023. Districts will select the specific paper materials management option available in the Administration Task drop-down in TIDE.

Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) Training

TELPAS online training modules are now available in the Learning Management System (LMS). These modules are designed for holistic raters and include basic training, assembling, and verifying. For training requirements, raters should refer to the TELPAS Rater Manual available in the District and Campus Coordinator Resources.

TELPAS Calibration

Calibration Trainings

The calibration window for new and returning Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) holistic raters opened on February 6, 2023. Practice sets and calibration sets are now available in the Learning Management System (LMS). Currently, there is an issue accessing the calibration trainings with Safari. Raters should use a different browser to access the calibration trainings as we work to resolve this issue.

As a reminder, district testing coordinators received their calibration passcodes on February 1 in their secure inbox in the Test Information Delivery Engine (TIDE). Raters should be provided with the appropriate passcodes only during monitored calibration sessions.

Calibration Passcodes

For the spring 2023 administration of TELPAS, a document titled TELPAS Holistic Rating Training Coordinator Resources will be posted to the district testing coordinator’s secure inbox in the Test Information Delivery Engine (TIDE) on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. This document includes information about online training for TELPAS holistic ratings as well as passcodes for monitored calibration sessions. The information in this document should only be shared with other designated testing personnel acting as district coordinator assistants or campus testing coordinators. Raters should be provided the appropriate passcodes only at monitored calibration sessions.

Holistic Rating Upload

District and campus testing coordinators will be able to upload student ratings using a new template, the Holistic Ratings Upload template, in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). The Holistic Ratings Upload template will be accessible in TIDE in the Administering Tests section under the Appeals/Score Codes module. This task will be accessible in TIDE throughout the testing window, February 20-March 31, 2023. District personnel must use the new upload template to submit holistic ratings for all students in kindergarten and grade 1 and all students in grades 2–12 who participate in a special holistic administration of the online TELPAS assessments. As this new process of using the upload template replaces the current process, holistic ratings cannot be submitted in the Data Entry Interface (DEI). For the 2023 TELPAS administration, holistic rating information will only be accepted using the TIDE holistic ratings upload process.

The Holistic Ratings Upload template can be used to submit students’ holistic ratings at any time during the testing window. District testing personnel may submit more than one upload file; for example, districts may want to upload each grade separately. The same file can also be submitted to add students or correct ratings for previously submitted students. However, district testing personnel should review and verify the student rating information prior to submission to reduce errors and incomplete records. Once holistic ratings are complete for a group of students, for example, all grade 1 students, and the upload template has been submitted, district testing personnel should review and verify the data to ensure all student data is included and is correct. All ratings must be uploaded by 11:59 p.m. (CT) on March 31. Holistic ratings that are not uploaded by March 31 will not be scored or reported, and ratings will not be accepted during the data correction window.

NOTE: District testing personnel must verify the TELPAS data submitted using the upload template since this information will not be available in the test completion reports in TIDE.

The new Holistic Ratings Upload template is now available on the Texas Assessment website on the Technology Resources page so that districts can become familiar with the layout and required information. A training video on the holistic ratings upload process has been added to the District and Campus Coordinator Resources on the Enter Student Information into TIDE page in the Complete Administrations section.

TELPAS Test Prep

Here is a presentation for TELPAS test prep

TELPAS Writing And Accountability

Here is the Overview of the ESSA Amendment: (See page 3)

As the TELPAS writing domain is being updated for 2023, TEA is proposing evaluating the ELP component differently for 2023 accountability.

  • TELPAS results are evaluated at the domain level in place of the composite rating.
  • A student is considered to have made progress if the student advances or is scored as Advanced High or Basic Fluency, in at least two of the three domains from the prior year (2022) to the current year (2023).
  • The three evaluated domains are listening, speaking, and reading.
  • Only students evaluated in all three domains in both 2022 and 2023 are evaluated.
  • For 2024, the ELP methodology will return to the use of the TELPAS composite rating.


Test booklet form assignments for STAAR Alternate 2 will be available for review in TIDE beginning January 24, 2023. To view form assignments for your district, eligible students must have been registered in TIDE by January 6. Districts will receive their initial shipment of STAAR Alternate 2 secure paper test materials February 27March 3.


Q: Can you tell me why first-time testers must be registered in TIDE by January 18th? And if by any chance a district does not have the eligibility field set to “yes”, what would that affect?

A: Thank you for contacting Texas Testing Support regarding the STAAR Spring EOCs. As long as students are uploaded by 2/23 they will be included in the initial order for manuals. The 1/18 re-tester flags will be updated automatically so it will not affect first-time testers. If the Eligibility is not set to "Yes" by the time the student logs in to test, they will not be able to access the TDS and will receive the error, "Test Not Available."

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STAAR Redesign

On January 18, 2023, additional practice tests for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) redesign were made available on the Practice Test Site that includes American Sign Language (ASL) videos. These practice tests demonstrate how new item types will appear for students who use ASL.

TIDE Update

On January 20, 2023, the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) was updated to include additional information. In the Paper Test Format field for STAAR mathematics, reading language arts, and science, districts will see options for Spanish Regular Print Embedded Supports and Spanish Large Print Embedded Supports.

December 2022 STAAR Administration

Results for the December 2022 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) administration will be available on the Family Portal on January 24, 2023. To learn how to locate access codes for families, refer to the How to Look Up Family Portal Access Codes in TIDE training video posted on the Family Portal Information page on the Texas Assessment website. In addition, a document, Helping Parents Access the Family Portal, which includes answers to frequently asked questions, has been posted on that same webpage.

Training Opportunities

Upcoming TETNs-

February 9th, 2023-

TETN WEBINAR #1118: Spring 2023 STAAR Program Refresher: REGISTRATION LINK-

February 15th, 2023-

Region 18 TSNAP Zoom Meeting LINK- (11-11:45AM)

Febrauray 15th, 2023-

TETN WEBINAR #1080: TEA and Cambium TSNAP Q and A (1-4 PM)


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Important Links


The District and Campus Coordinator Resources, a collection of webpages, is prepared for its initial publishing at the beginning of each school year.

Texas Assessment - Testing Personnel

Resources and information needed to prepare for and administer the Texas Assessment Program.

Analytic Portal

This feature allows users to view, analyze, and download assessment summary reports. Users can disaggregate and filter data and download reports in a PDF or CSV format.

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