Ilda - Venus

The Second Inner Planet

Symbol of Venus

The symbol of Venus is the girl symbol
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How Venus got its name

Venus got it's name from the Roman godess of love and beauty.

How Venus was discovered

Venus was discovered by a probe named The Magelllan Orbiter. This probe was from Earth. The Magellan Orbiter dicovered Venus in 1992.That's how we come to know Venus as the second planet.

What Venus looks like

Venus is a very bright planet. It has a blueish hue. But sometimes in pictures it either looks light brown or inferno red with black & white spots.

Distances of Venus

Order of the Sun: It is the second planet

Distance from the sun in AU (Astronomical Units): 0.72

in km: 12,103.6 km

Distance from the Earth in AU (Atronomical Units): 0.72

in km: 108 million

Orbit and Rotation of Venus

Number of days to orbit around the sun: It takes 224,701 days for Venus

Length of one day (number of hours in one day): 3 Earth Days

Water forms on Venus

There is none to by found on Venus

Weather on Venus

On Venus the weather is very, very hot & dry. You could boil an egg on the suface of Venus but it would burn up . There is also acid rain made of sulphuric acid, chorine, & fluorine. But the acid rain evaporates before it hits the ground. That's how hot it is on Venus.

Rings and Satellites on Venus

there is none to be found

Exploration to Venus

There was alot of explorations on Venus. They are: The Mariner 2, The Pioneer Venus, The Soviet Verna 7, The Vernera 9, The Magellan, The Mariner 10, & the Venus Express.

Human Colony on Venus

I don't think a human colony would survive on Venus because there is no oxygen. But not only it has no oxygen, it is way to hot for us to live. If Venus could burn up an egg, just imagine what it could do to us humans.

Picture of Venus

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Average temperature of Venus

The average temperature on Venus is 864 degrees F (462 degrees C)