Growth Lead

What we're looking for: 50% Analyst, 50% Marketing/Product

We're looking for an analytical, data-driven, business-minded growth hacker

Our future plans are to grow even faster than we are growing now. What we're looking for is an analytical, data-driven, business-minded growth hacker who can help us achieve our goals.


  • 2+ years in a data-driven analytical role with a focus on optimizations and business analysis.
  • Degree or coursework in statistics.
  • Be able to define basic startup growth terms like ROI, LTV, CAC, churn, CPA, CTR.
  • Super analytical mind with the ability to look at data and make business-oriented decisions.
  • Very high Excel skills (Pivot Tables, lookup formulas, etc.)
  • Deep and significant experience with at least one of the following: SQL, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Intercom, Kissmetrics, or something similar.
  • Fluent English, with a focus on the ability to write compelling marketing copy.
  • Hunger and passion for new knowledge.
  • Drive, ambition, resourcefulness, and leadership.


  • Experience managing budgets and user acquisition campaigns, especially on Facebook.
  • Basic/good SQL skills. (strong advantage)
  • Basic/good HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Experience with product optimizations, A/B testing, Optimizely, funnel marketing.
  • Experience with product marketing (emails, surveys, landing pages, etc.)
  • Proficiency in additional languages.

Job description:

You’ll be in charge of all stages of the growth process (acquisition, usage, retention, monetization). You will be the growth inner voice of the company. 50% of your job is numbers. The other 50% is testing testing testing. This means that the process starts with data and ends with data, but you’ll initiate, execute and evaluate both old-fashioned and creative projects to catalyze growth. Your goal is to maximize the number of active users as well as revenue.

These are some of things you would be doing:

  • Look at data obsessively to discover new ways of growing and retaining users.
  • Manage a growing media budget on multiple channels (including Facebook, Adwords, remarketing, etc.)
  • Increase traffic using organic methods such as SEO, alpha user outreach and referral programs.
  • Optimize funnels to increase both conversion rates and overall usage statistics.
  • Setup, QA and run A/B tests for features and funnels.
  • Use product marketing tools such as drip emails to activate/engage new users, increase retention and motivate users to upgrade.
  • Optimize pricing packages and maximize monetization for the company while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and usage.
  • Work with the Marketing Communications & Design teams to create continuous marketing programs and ad-hoc promotions.

Top 6 reasons to work at Smore:

About Smore

Smore is a platform for empowering small (mostly offline) businesses to start promoting themselves online. On Smore they design marketing messages called "online flyers." Just like you would spread a flyer offline, you can use Smore to promote through your mailing list, on social networks, on Craigslist, etc. You can then see your promotions' impact through a central dashboard.

Our goal is to make "promoting stuff online" super easy and effective. We believe in empowering businesses to write their own content and promote it through channels that make sense to them, while helping them build good marketing habits.

Smore now has over 750,000 users, 1.5M flyers, and around $70k/month in revenue.

To Apply

Please send your CV and a brief cover letter in English explaining why you want this job to