The Final 4C News

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Community Choir

Please see the flyer in your child's Friday Folder if joining a community choir sounds like fun!

Memory Books

I hope your child enjoyed the memory books we put together. We never have time to make sure the pages and notes are perfect, but the kids really have put forth a lot of effort. Creating the pages was a challenge because we used Microsoft Publisher which is only on the desktop computers. So the kids had only 3 sessions to learn the program and create. They also took selfies with their chromebooks in the classroom and learned how to save them to their drive. Then in the lab they were able to pull that picture up, download it, and then copy and paste into Publisher. It was touch and go during the second session, but I made it! :)

5th Grade Supply List

You'll find your child's 5th grade supply list in his/her Friday Folder. Hold tight to that list and take advantage of the summer sales! I encouraged the kids to bring home and reuse as many of this year's supplies as they could.

Final Picture Book Readers

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Byrne Dairy Fun!