The Franklin

By: Ashtin Chambers

The Franklin's occupation

The Franklin was simply a free man who owned his own land and were often wealthier than the peasants but not as wealthy as the lords who ruled the area for the king. The Franklin was a connoisseur of food and wine, so much that it keeps his table full of food all day. one of the most important obligations of this was to provide hospitality.

The Franklin social standing

The Franklin Was a free wealthy landowner but not of noble birth. The Franklin was a nice generous guy, he had so much food that he would invite people to his house to eat and drink his wine, he would always keep his doors open for anyone who wanted to eat.

Day to day Life

The Franklin would usually have so much food that he would set his table up and fill it with food and keep his doors to his home open to anyone who wants to enjoy some of his great food and wine. The Franklin was a landowner so when he's not occupied with other people he usually farms his land.

What Chaucer doesn't include about the Franklin

Chaucer portrays the Franklin as a wealthy man but actually the Franklin was not rich but he was still free and able to own his own land. as of appearance Chaucer's portrayal of the Franklin is very accurate with his white beard and red cheek's, a sign of good health. England in Chaucer's time suffered from famine so the Franklin doesn't have as much food as Chaucer portray's and the Franklin was neither rich nor poor.

What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?

Compared to modern day jobs I think the Franklin would be a farmer, I say that because he owned his own land he had a horse and always had food in his home and the Franklin didn't have that much money so i assume that he grew his own garden of fruits and vegetables.