Next week at École OLPH

Week of November 21st to November 25

Prayer of the Week

Charity is to give from the heart, no matter what the amount—it is measured not in coins but in the heartfelt gifts. Open our hearts, Lord. When needs arise, please remind us that all we have is yours in the first place.

Events of the week...

Monday: Welcome back! Mme Lafrance and Mme Slupek at French Immersion Literacy meeting.

Tuesday: 3 Way Conferences from 5 to 8 PM- Book Fair open in the library

Wednesday: Book Fair open in the library

Thursday: 3 Way Conferences from 5 to 8 PM- Book Fair open in the library

Friday: Fête de la Sainte Catherine- M.Morin et Mme Lafrance at French Immersion Meeting in PM

Remembrance Day Ceremony and Celebration

We would like to thank and Congratulate all the students who prepared and ran this beautiful ceremony and celebration. Your involvement is greatly appreciated! Thank you to Constable Williams, Constable Wood and Caporal-Chef Leduc who have graciously joined us and shared their experiences with us. Their stories made all of us reflect on the sacrifices made by all members of the Canadian Forces and RCMP and have also made us more aware of how privileged and blessed we are to be citizens of such a wonderful country. May God Bless you all!


Please take a few minutes to go through the Lost and Found with your child during our 3 Way Conferences. We have many items that are looking for their owner! :)

Outdoor Education Students

The outdoor education students will be going to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre on Friday, November 25 at noon for Oudoor Skills III: Knife Skills. They need to get their permission slips to Mme Streadwick A.S.A.P.