Ecalibur Tech presents...

A Study on the Effect of Work Load on Students' Stress

Purpose and Explanation:

Many students these days are involved in as many extra-activities and rigorous classes as possible in order to have an upper hand in competing students for college admission. We believe this is setting an unnecessary and unhealthy lifestyle for students of these ages. These students are being overworked and stressed to the point where the lack the needed amount of sleep and nutrition required for their developing minds and bodies. Our experiment will study these effects and problems and point out the error of this system.

Resources Needed:

First, to conduct the experiment, we will need volunteers/participants. Second, access to grades and schedules of the volunteers. Lastly, we'll need medical equipment to check blood pressure, cholesterol, and auto-immune symptoms.


  • Gather 5 different age groups consisting of 6 people (9-12 & college).
  • Separate into 2 categories based on the ones with free time and the ones with extra activities.
  • Study closely by checking their academic progress for 3 months including a month of heavy testing where their stress levels are highest.