Wanted: The Taliban

Reward: $500,000 USD

Who are the Taliban?

The Taliban is mostly a Pushtun, fundamentalist group. They ruled over Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. The Taliban was formed from Islamic fighters rebelling against the soviet ruling over Afghanistan. The Taliban promised peace and security and enforce their own version of Islamic law. They introduced their form of punishment, where they made public executions and believe that is a formal way of punishment.

Leaders of the Taliban

Most of Taliban leadership comes from Pakistan, especially from Mullah Mohammed Omar, who was the leader in he 90's and has been in hiding since 2001. Mullah Dadullah is an important leader and is mainly the Taliban's spokesperson. Jalaluddin Haqqqani trains fighters in north Wazirstan.

Harsh Taliban Rules

The Taliban has came up with lots of rules that prohibit woman from doing simple things like going out into the street with their face uncovered. They require men to have long beards and short hair. They have also banned having luxuries like television, internet, public laughing, and popular sports like kite running.