Temple Of Confucius

A great temple for a great thinker

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The Map

This is a map of where all of the temples of Confucius is located.

A short history

The temple was built in 479 b.c. In the Shandong Province, the largest and the oldest temple is located. A very odd fact is that these temples stated out as being houese.

A short discription

it is located in china, on the Shandong Province. there are several temples not just one so they all look different. this is also in qufu. it is the temple of a great techer. he had 3000 disciples.

group its sacred to

this temple is sacred to people who follow confucisum. is was declared sacred when Confucius died. it is labed the most sacred place in all of China. it is also sacred to his 3000 disciples.

why is it sacred to them

this temple is sacred to because it was in memory of Confucius. confucius was a great a teacher so this temple was his for people to pray. when he died they decided it was sacred. this was his disciples who made it sacred. itis now the most sacred place in china.