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The Don’ts as a Beginner at Poker Play

Poker sites for real money are a great lure to wannabes who want to add their name to the existing hall of fame. Do not expect miracles in a day, as it never happens. You require experience and the right strategies to get positive results. When you are a beginner, it is natural to be bombarded with plenty of tips from people who have been there and done that. While they may know better, it is wrong to think that everything they are telling you is for your best. There are certain advices that you are better off without as they can actually make you lose money instead of winning.

If the advice tells you to wait for the best times to come your way, then you are simply wasting your time sitting there for a hand that many never even come in spite of multiple game play. The clever people will simply take all the opportunities and even bend negative situations their way instead of waiting for their luck to change. So finally when you begin you will find that these players are already ready to fold and you are left alone. People who play only with best hands as those containing queens, pocket aces and kings generally run into problems. Besides, you are also stunting your development as a good player in the process.

Even if no one is telling you to waste time with trash hands, good position playing is extremely important. Just raising and folding is also not a good advice for the beginners, calling matters as well. However, you should refrain from doing it too much. With raise/fold, you may find yourself in a situation where you are constantly folding it. This may also land you in crazy situations that you do not desire. Other people at the table may make your life difficult by re-raising often. By raising one another, you will simply be taking yourself closer to a crapshoot, which is never profitable besides falling short of the optimal by million miles.

Benefits of calling are clear in situations where you have decent draw and fantastic pot odds. If you are calling in such situations in order to hit draw, it is the right tactic. In deceptive draws, it leads to big paydays mostly when you're playing against a bad player. Those who are asking ‘where can I play online poker for real money’ should first take measures to improve their game play. Otherwise, they will land themselves in a soup. Bad advice can be worse than no advice at all.

Simply playing tight won't save your day against bad players. If someone is advising the opposite, he/she is telling you wrong. With aggressive and wild players just wait them out and once you get a good hand, beating them will not be difficult. Playing tight against weak players will be a big mistake. Try cheap steals instead for better results.

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