Cupid and Psyche

Kymberlee, Grace, Tori

The Tale of Two Lovers


  • Psyche is a beautiful maiden who appeared to be a goddess among mere mortals.
  • Her beauty was talked about among all the land, but no one would marry her.
  • Depressed and sad her and her family turned to Apollo for help
  • Apollo told them to take Psyche to the summit of a rocky hill and leave her alone, then her husband would make himself known to her.


  • Cupid was asked by his mother Venus to make Psyche fall in love with the most hideous creature in all the land, but Cupid was not able to do this.
  • Cupid fell in love with Psyche and went on to live with Psyche, although she could never see him.
  • Curious and sad she couldn't see him she went to her sisters for help.
  • They suggested that Psyche kill Cupid in the night and that they would be waiting for her when she did so.
  • Instead, when she saw Cupid she was shocked by his beauty, waking Cupid he instantly fled.
  • Upset and angry at herself Psyche decided she would spend her life in search for Cupid in hopes that that would prove her love to him.


  • As Psyche searched she asked everyone for help, however no one was able to hurt her. Out of options she turned to the very goddess who was jealous and angry with her, Venus.
  • Venus however because she was angry and jealous of Psyche she showed her no mercy.
  • Instead, she put her to work and kept her starved in hopes that her beauty would eventually fade.

The Tasks

The tasks Venus gave Psyche:

  1. First she took the smallest of seeds, all kinds and put them in a heap telling her to have them sorted by nightfall. She looked at the pile feeling hopeless, and not having any support from mortals or gods tiny creatures came to her aid. Helping her sort the seeds they were done by nightfall.
  2. The second task Venus gave Psyche was to go down to the riverbank and fetch the golden fleece of the sheep. As she was about to throw herself toward the pain and despair she heard a little voice by her feet. It was a tiny green reed telling that if she waited until the sheep went to sleep she would have no problem with getting the fleece.
  3. Angry and knowing that Psyche was getting help she sent her on a third task. This was by far the hardest of the tasks, she was to get water from the fall that filled the river Styx. As before though, something had come to her aid, this time being an eagle. The eagle sized the flask from her and filled the flask with the dark black water.
  4. However, this did not cause Venus to give up, she continued on giving Psyche a final task. She was to go to the underworld and ask Proserpine's beauty. Getting through the underworld Proserpine had no issue doing as she asked and filled the box with her beauty. Happily Psyche went to carry it back to Venus. Psyche, knowing that her looks were not improved by the things she has had to do for Venus was unable to resist the temptation of opening the box that contained this "beauty". Instantly she fell into a heavy sleep.

Cupid & Psyche

  • Being completely healed of the wound Cupid was longing for Psyche and left his mother's chamber to find her, knowing that even he couldn't resist the temptation of love.
  • As he went looking for his wife he found her lying beside the palace. Taking the sleep from her eyes, and placing it back in the box he woke her telling her to take Proserpine's box back to his mother.
  • As Psyche did so Cupid flew to Olympus. Not wanting any more trouble from his mother he went to Jupiter asking for his help.
  • After calling an assembly of the gods he announced to everyone that Cupid and Psyche had been formally married and he proposed immortality on the bride.
  • Oh, how the tables had turned. Venus could not object to a goddess as her daughter-in-law, and having no doubt that with Psyche now in heaven she wouldn't get in the way the mortals worship to Venus, she welcomed her with open arm.
So all came to a happy ending, Psyche (Love and Soul) had fought through the sore trials for a union that would never end.
The Epic Story of Cupid and Psyche! :)