ACT Information


All Juniors receive one free ACT. Originally, it was going to be given on March 4th during school -- not anymore!

Now, you will receive a voucher from Mrs. Scoble and will use that to register for a Saturday test date: either April 12 or June 14 -- your choice.

When will I receive my voucher and register?

Mrs. Scoble will be coming around to all Junior level classes (e.g. Algebra 2, Chemistry, US History) to pass out vouchers and help each class register in the library.

She's planning on every Junior being registered by the end of February.

Should I take the ACT more than once?

YES! It is always best to take the ACT more than once! But be sure to make each test date count. Don't rely on multiple test-taking opportunities to improve your score. Go in prepared.

We're offering ACT Tutoring this semester. Consider joining! But do it QUICK!

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