walking zombies

by keiri

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appalachian highlands

i chosed appalachian highlands because it a good place to hide.In the appalachian highlands there are plateau areas and it the oldest mountains from others and it extends canada to western alabama. i say appalachian is a good place to hide from the zombies because there are plateau and they won't be able to climb. i rate this a 9 because it a good place to hide from zombies and is located in north america

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basin and range

I picked basin and range because i think it a right place where a lot of people can hide because there might be caves.In the basin and range there are canyons,death valley and it the lowest point.also why the caves are a good place because if they can't climb the mountains so you will be save and the zombies won't catch you.i rate it a 9 because it has places where you can hide and it located in north america.

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interior lowlands

It is a good place because there are some places you can stay like house or in cellar. The things that are in the Interior lowlands are fertile soil and rivers and valleys and rolling hill.

Well in the Interior you can be safe because you can hide in the valley or in the mountains that are around so the zombies won't get you and u can build shelter somewhere away from the zombies in the interior lowlands, i actually rate this a 5 because i think it might not be a good place to go to hide it located in North America