South Dakota

"Under God the People Rule"

Land and Economy

South Dakota is an amazing state, you should consider moving there! It’s good for farming with rich, fertile soil. The state is known for mining with the mountains. South Dakota has cities where jobs can be found. Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial are famous tourist attractions. Hundreds’s and hundreds’s of years ago Glaciers flattened south dakodian land. Lots of cows and cattle live there today on the prairies. Tourists love the Black hills. There are many jobs in a factories selling computers with cow designs on the boxes. Lots of what South Dakodians do has to do with social services.

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Culture And Interesting facts

The Fort Sisseton Festival is a festival you can go to in South Dakota, their is singing and dancing. 81% of South Dakota is caucasian More than half of South Dakota has no neighbors, good for people who would like some solitude Pioneers first settled there. The Black Hills snowfall can reach up to 100 inches. There are lots of tornados in the eastern part of South Dakota. Pack your bags, you should move to South Dakota!

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