Bolivian way of life

Travel ,currency, food types

Travel of Bolivia

Round airlift trip to Bolivia is $1,966 in third class by southwestern. Most Bolivians travel by bus when no buses they travel by river boats. The roads are poor conditions and very unpaved.


The name of money is Bolivian Boliviano "$b" by an 1/100 ration to USA dollar. $b1, $ b2, $b5, 10,20,50.


1 USA dollar is 6.91

1BOB is 0.14

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Typical Foods

Breakfast: bread, Jam, butter, tea, coffee, cheese, donuts, fried empanadas which all starts at eight am or later.

Lunch: Almuerzo the main meal in Bolivia. It has potatoes, corn rice with meat or chicken, with soup on the side.

Dinner: Pique macho, chicharron, llama, papas

Recipe- Papas a la huancaina potatoes in creamy peanut sauce.


- 1/2 lb raw Spanish peanuts, toasted and peeled

- 8 large peeled boiled peanuts

- 5 dried chili,2 tsp of powered red chili pepper

-1 cup of water

-4 cups of milk

- 1 head of lettuce

-1/2 of large tomatoes

-2 hard boiled eggs

-3 tsp of salt

- 3 strips of hard white cheese

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