by:Brenda Padilla


When you think about Italy. most people think about the Roman Colosseum. But this paper will give you more information about Italy, along with the Roman Colosseum.


Italy is an amazing place to visit. Italy is far away from Tucson, Arizona. It is located in Southern Europe and an amazing fact is that it is shaped like a boot. Italy is a peninsula, in the Mediterranean sea. Italy includes 2 islands, Sicily and Sardinia. Italy, is mostly covered by mountains, so a lot of people like to hike. A quick fact is that Italy is sinking, especially the city, Venice.

People/ Economy

Many people live in Italy, and many like to visit it. The population in Italy is 61.070.224 people in 2014. Most of the people there are Italian and also 95% of the people there are Ethnic Italians. Most of the people are incity. 30% of the people get there money by farming or working in industries.


Italy involves many history, for instance the Roman Colosseum. The last roman emperor was Romulus Augustulus but he was defeated by a German leader, Odaecerin, in A.D 476. Most of the history was in Rome especially in the Roman Colosseum. In the Colosseum they used to fight wild animals, like lions, for entertainment or for punishment from the emperor in A.D 80.


To conclude, Italy is well known for many things. A fascinating fact is that a very famous person, Michael Angelo lived in Italy and he had an amazing talent, he was an artist, he made amazing art. Well, I hope you liked reading about Italy.