Down Syndrome

Jeremiah Lumpkin


People with Down syndrome may have a variety of birth defects. About half of all affected children are born with a heart defect. Digestive abnormalities, such as a blockage of the intestine, are less common. Individuals with Down Syndrome have an increased risk of developing several medical conditions.


Down syndrome occurs as a random event during the formation of reproductive cells in a parent. It doesn't happen through genes or is passed down.


So a person with down syndrome only needs special treatment based on their physical and intellectual needs, other than that they just get standard treatment.


The symptoms of Down Syndrome include speech impediment, behavioral issues, stubborness and a lot of tantrums. They can also have learning disabilities and short stature.

Test and Treatments

You pretty much need a lot of special treatment form a lot of specialist when having down syndrome, and if you want to maintain this disability very well. you'll need all of these specialists.
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