RocketTV, delivered!

Developed in Hong Kong, being loved in Dubai.

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  1. First XDK (version 2) deployment on STB (Arris VIP4302W).
  2. Full support for English and Arabic text input and display with right-to-left UI.
  3. Swipe playing video from iPad/iPhone to play on STB instantly using PubNub.
  4. Live streams playback with EPG information within Live TV. Live TV PIP on Home page.
  5. Live TV (SVOD) with trick play features - rewind, fast forward and start over.
  6. TV Guide with configuration for time period via AppGrid.
  7. Movies & TV shows (TVOD), watchlist-ing, auto-bookmarking with resume playback.
  8. Device and concurrency management.
  9. Verimatrix DRM encrypted streams.
  10. AppGrid Logging, Google Analytics & Flurry.

Set-top Box (Arris VIP4302W)

  1. Arris STB running KreaTV OS v5, built on top of Linux, using Ekioh TV Browser, which is built on top of WebKit.
  2. Device management - internet connection, display resolution, audio outputs, diagnostics, software upgrade from within the app.
  3. Rent VODs and subscribe to packages from STB app.
  4. Golden Image version shipped with STB - allowing for downloading of latest firmware and app upon first run.

iOS - iPhone & iPad (Companion App)

  1. Supports version iOS 7.0+
  2. Fully featured app with Live TV and VOD playback.
  3. Arabic right-to-left text support.
  4. Multi-tenancy solution allowing for different operators to be onboarded to RocketTV with their own OVP.

Project Collaborators


  • Ray Chen - iOS Developer
  • Matthew Meade - STB Developer
  • Mujtaba Haider - STB Developer (Ex Accedo)

Special Thanks

  1. Adam Nightingale - Account Manager
  2. Josie Li - QA Manager
  3. Ying Zou - Technical Director
  4. Ernest Axelbank - Technical Director
  5. Charlie Sung - Technical Account Manager
  6. Josh Boaz - Design (Ex Accedo)

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