Manifest Destiny: Picture This!

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Map of Major Land Acquisitions of Manifest Destiny

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The Louisiana Purchase

Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase. Napolean Bonoparte granted the U.S. to purchase the landmass; it was accquired from France in 1803, costing us $15 million. The territory is located between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. The land helped farmers, since they could now use this as a route to ship their crops to distant markets. Jefferson was a bit uneasy about this decision, he felt that the Constitution didn't allow this action of purchasing new land.

Texas Annexation

The Spanish were the first to colonize the states that today make up the American southwest, including the state of Texas. In 1821, Moses Austin was given permission to lead a group of 300 American families in creating a new settlement. Moses Austin passed away before he could even complete his plan. His son, Stephen F. Austin continued his father's plan. During 1835, 20,000 American, Mexican and European Settlers had arrived to Texas; also bringing 4,000 slaves with them. The newly independent Mexican government disagreed with slavery. In 1835, conflict broke out between the Mexican Army and the Anglo-American colonists, since the colonists disliked the Mexican government attempts to limit slavery. In 1836, Texas was declared an independent state, called the Republic of Texas. The conflict ended a year later, after the Texan victory at the Battle of San Jacinto. The Republic of Texas struggled as a nation. In 1845, the Republic of Texas asked to become part of the U.S. and the government agreed to annex the nation. Mexico warned that if Texas was made a state, they would declare war. When Texas joined the Union; Mexico and the U.S. went to war.
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Mexican Cession

When Texas joined the United States in 1846, Mexico and Texas could not agree on a boundary and border. This disagreement caused dispute between them, leading them to war. In 1848, the two countries signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; which ended the war. The treaty stated that Mexico recognized the Texas was a part of the United States. Mexico also ceded land, such as present-day states of: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. The U.S. agreed to pay Mexico $15 million, plus $3.25 million for debts, and to also protect the 80,000 Mexicans living in Texas and in the Mexican Cession. Though, the treaty was never fully honored.
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Oregon Territory

The Oregon Country region was Northwest of the United States, it ran from Independence Missouri to Oregon (2,000 miles West). The area includes present-day states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, also including portions of Montana and Wyoming. Missionaries migrated towards the Oregon Territory, using the Oregon Trail in 1836. During 1836, the U.S. and Great Britain were in an argument to who owned the Oregon Territory. To end the quarrel, James Polk made a deal with Britain to divide the territory along the 49th parallel. The territory benefitted Manifest Destiny by expanding the U.S. westward, including the Industry. The rich land allowed people to start fresh and leave old debt behind. It had plentiful room for industries and farming. It also achieved our goal, "From sea to shining sea", because it reached to the Pacific Ocean.

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