Friday Coach Note

May 20, 2016

News and Updates


Many of you have been working hard to update the I-Plans! We are almost there!

Great job!!!

Please update if you have not, Rti I-plans (any areas that are highlighted except for name) and I will put Spring scores and progress monitor charts in. Mrs. Haynes is working on the blue folders and running off copies of the I-plans to go in the cum folders, so everything needs to be up to date. Thanks!

Things to send home in the Report Card:

*K-3----I will prepare your IRI parent notification letter and put them in your boxes.

*3-5--- I will print your ISAT results and parent letters and put them in your boxes.

*K-5--- I will print your WIDA ACCESS results and parent letters and put them in your boxes.

IRI results have already been entered on the Blue Testing Card in Red Testing Folders.

Copies of ISAT Test Reports will be in the Red Testing Folders.

Copies of WIDA ACCESS test report will be placed in Green LEP Folders along with copy of the parent notification of services for 2016-2017 (exception incoming Kindergarten).

I will also run stickers for your report card envelopes, unless you let me know otherwise.

Renaissance is Helping Students Find Their Summer "Mojo"

By "Mojo" they mean finding "mo"tivation and "jo"y in reading and math activities over the summer! Here's a link! They will be posting a new topic with activities each Wednesday on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

Share with your students and their parents.

Encourage them to keep learning all summer!

Book Buddy Programs at Shelters~~~Talk About Great Summer Reading Programs!!!!

Kids Get Dogs' Tails Wagging by Reading Them Tales!

Just look how some students have decided to spend time during the summer! They are volunteer "Book Buddies" to dogs and cats at shelters. It's truly a "Win-Win" situation!

Photos are from The Humane Society of Missouri and Animal Rescue League of Pennsylvania.

Although Some Cats Would Rather Play.......

Big image

One Student talks about her experience reading to the dogs.......

"She was a shy dog, but she paid attention when I read to her," Alex said. "By the end of the week, she was so open and nice and polite." Annie found a "forever home" shortly after.

Now Alex, an aspiring veterinarian, begs her mom to drive the 20 miles to the Humane Society at every opportunity. "I'm like, 'Get in the car woman, let's go see those dogs!'" she said.

Alex keeps a bag of books in her room, so she's always ready to go. She passes along a pro tip: She believes the dogs prefer stories about other dogs, such as Scooby-Doo and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Meanwhile Back At Acequia.....

Just in case you were wondering what was going on while you were gone to the AR Movie!

"Let Them Go" Happy Summer Vacation!

Teacher End of the Year Theme Song

Just Smile.......Be Happy.....and Enjoy these Last Days with your Students!

If I can be silly and make a fool out of myself in front of my students, they can feel comfortable being their silly selves, too. The more smiles and laughter, the more enjoyable, accessible, and encouraging the learning process can be. Just being my quirky self, when I dance, sing parts of my lesson, or crack jokes, I strive to create and model a learning environment where my students feel comfortable, less stressed, and just happy. (Dylan Manderlink)

Shake It Up a bit with these "Call and Response" sayings from Edutopia!

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I Think We Should Do Something Like This Next Year!!!!

Teachers Celebrate the Last Day of School