Cub News - Update

Friday the 13th, 2020

Dear Families,

While moving into the real-time virtual option is not something I want to do, because I much rather have our kids here, the transition has been well received. Our staff has reported that attendance has been quite good, shockingly, with how many are there on time and ready to go. Our staff has reported how students are participating much more than they thought they would. The overall general consensus from our staff has been they were prepared for this and our kids have transitioned pretty seamlessly as well.

We asked our staff, that has been present today, how their stress level was. We have a few that let me know they were pretty stressed, but the majority of our staff says they are good, low stress, and moving right along.

That does not mean we don't have issues with this setup. We have issues to deal with when were in school, so I didn't believe everything would be perfect when we went into our red/white real-time virtual schedule. We have students who do not have internet, poor internet, slow internet, etc. We have students who are logging on for their times but leaving. We've had students say they had to leave google meet to go eat breakfast. We have some students who are simply not showing up. I am sure you can imagine we have had a wide range of stories that the teachers have.

Regardless of all that, there are two things we are definitely seeing. Resiliency and grit! TWO key ingredients to being successful in life.

A few important reminders:

1. Attendance is taken every day. Students are to report on time for their class, just as if they were physically in school. Some students, who don't have internet, are calling in and being a part of google meet as well. They are listening in. Students who are having issues are also emailing their respective teachers and working things out as well. Unexcused absences do count towards our policies at this time. Please note, we have now partnered up with the probation department for excessive unexcused absences. This starts at the 7th unexcused absence.

2. We will be on Red/White Days all of next week. November 16 - November 20th. We will return, tentatively, face-to-face on November 23rd. I have had some parents email and ask why are we coming back for only two days before break. My reply is, every day we can have our kids in the building is a great day. We already had these two days planned to be in school. We, hopefully, will not have an abundance of staff missing since this was a staffing issue. Again, if you don't feel comfortable sending your child to school, please look into the virtual option.

3. 1-on-1 conferences with students/parents for 2021-2022 school year schedules will resume Monday after Thanksgiving. You will receive a notice the day of the meeting and if parents filled out the form to be called during their original scheduled time, counselors will still call you to participate.

4. Students who still need to have their AP registration done, must have this completed today!

5. Students who have been virtual since August, this reminder is for you. Mr. Kempton has sent, via email, you a google form that must be filled out by November 17th. This form states if you plan to return to the building in January or not. if you do not respond to the November 17th deadline, our counselors will keep you in virtual.

6. BIO 101 students your lab will meet face-to-face at Ivy Tech during your scheduled time on Friday's.

7. Also, parents, if your child is under 18 and works, but is not doing the things you or we need them to do (e.g. behavior, school attendance, grades) we will possibly revoke their work permit. If you have any questions or need help with this, please reach out.

8. Anastasia production is tonight @ 7, Saturday @ 2:30 & 7, and Sunday @ 2:30. Come out and support these awesome student actors.

All the best,