How to Pay for College!

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Resources.


Seniors: Do not use school email for ANY matters related to life after high school.

Examples: college apps, parchment account, ACT, FAFSA, scholarship applications, etc

**School Email becomes inaccessible to graduates after graduation.

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UW System Budget Builder

Estimate the annual cost to attend a UW System institution.

Important Upcoming Events!

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Helpful terms you will need to know regarding financial aid

FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid

COA-Cost of Attendance

EFC-Expected Family Contribution

Grants-free money you do not have to pay back

Loans-money you pay back

Unsubsidized loan-you pay interest while you are in school

Subsidized loan-US Department of Education pays interest while you are in school

Scholarships-Free money that might be one time or renewable

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FAFSA Overview
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Scholarships that do not require Social Security Number

How to Get a Scholarship Strategies From a Student Who Won Thousands of Dollars
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Understanding Federal Student Loans
Federal vs. Private Student Loans
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Seniors' next steps

FAFSA, FAFSA, FAFSA. Parent/Guardians-Complete Income Tax Forms EARLY

Attending a College or University in Minnesota?

You will need to apply for reciprocity. This will allow you to pay in-state tuition costs.

Checklist for College

Find important tips for after you have picked a college, completed financial aid and put down a deposit. What comes next?

Recursos En Espanol

Recursos en español

  • Reuniones de padres latinos
  • Club estudiantil OLa (Orgullo Latino)
  • Paseos gratuitos para latinos
  • Requisitos de graduación
  • y más!