October Monthly Flyer

Team Full of Scents

Fall is in the Air!!

WOW What a month!!! WE hit OVER our $6,000 goal we came in at 7,121.95!! I can OFFICIALLY SAY that I am officially a Super Star Consultant and couldn't have done it with out all of you! You are all such an inspiration to me, and you push me to push on! I love watching each and everyone of you succeed in your Scentsy business! And I couldn't be a prouder mentor!! Thank you!

Now on to the goodies!

I love this time of year! The smell of Pumpkin Roll, Cinnamon Bear, Christmas Cottage and Good Goody Gum Drop bring back many food holiday memories. Parties, getting together with Family and Friends.. What more can you ask for?

Scentsy Family Products are amazing Holiday Gifts! If you need to jump start your business, simply have an Open House! Invite your customers, Family & Friends. Introduce them to the NEW products and fragrances. Contact past hostesses and invite them to host a holiday party! Email your contact list and share with them the NEW product line! What is the theme here?? Share, Share Share!

Dont forget....

You are in charge of your own destiny!

I am here for you. If there is anything that I can do to help you and your success with Scentsy, Velata, or Grace Adele Please let me know!


Welcome to Team Full of Scents!

I want to give a huge warm welcome to our newest team members!

Patricia James who joined under Allie Szalay-Brooks on October 16, 2013

Shireen Yara who I personally sponsored on October 24, 2013

WELCOME to Team Full of Scents, I look forward to building a personal relationship with each of you ladies and you should feel safe and comfortable in asking any questions that you have. Please jump right in with any questions that you have, there is a ton of information that comes up when you first sign up, but please please please just ask questions! We are all here to help you!

Remember! Holiday Items are while Supplies last!

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back alwasy ineffectiveness.
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!"
-W.H. Murray

See Who's Living Their Dream

Sales over $1,000

Maria De La Rosa---------$2144.05 (WOW amazing job!!)
Amber Brzuchalski-------$1253.50
Jessica Hamilton----------$1125.78 and hit Scentsational Star LEVEL 1 WOOP WOOP!
Traci Lopez------------------$1187.87
Allie Szalay-Brooks-------$1023.27

Sales over $500

Hanna landis----------------$729.50
Lillian Smith-----------------$503.40

Be Prepared for the Holidays!

The following warmers and collections have restrictions using Combine & Save packages, Host Rewards, and Perpetual Party Rewards. If you have any questions, contact your sponsor or Hanna Landis. We are here to help you!

Warmer & Scent of the Month!

I love this warmer!! It is so stinken adorable and perfect for my holiday decor! Are you signed up for the SOTM/WOTM on your PWS? If not I highly suggest that you do get signed up! You not only get a ton of product! But you also get PRV every month without doing a thing!

Ordering Catalogs and Order Forms

Many of us have received Spanish Order Forms, Spanish Catalogs, and Canada Catalogs when ordering what we thought was English forms or catalogs (including me). Before submitting your orders please double check to make sure you've selected the correct catalogs or order forms.

Here is what to look for when ordering

English (US-EN)
Spanish (US-ES)
Canada English (CA-EN)
Canada French (CA-FR)

IMPORTANT Phone numbers & Emails

Scentsy Consultant Support

Scentsy Compliance

Product Returns

Event Questions

Finance (Pay card or Commission)

Account Services



Hanna Landis

Spring Sprint Locations!

Who is going?! I went last year and it was the best time ever! I highly recommend going if you can! Below are the locations for you guys!!

  • Bozeman, Montana: Feb. 4
  • Salt Lake City, Utah: Feb. 4
  • Portland, Maine: Feb. 4
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: Feb. 4
  • Oacoma, South Dakota: Feb. 5
  • Park City (near Wichita), Kansas: Feb. 5-6
  • Spokane, Washington: Feb. 6
  • Syracuse, New York: Feb. 6
  • Murfreesboro (near Nashville), Tennessee: Feb. 6
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Feb. 6
  • Aurora (near Denver), Colorado: Feb. 7
  • Brooklyn Center (near Minneapolis), Minnesota: Feb. 7
  • Waco, Texas: Feb. 8-9
  • Baltimore, Maryland: Feb. 8-9
  • Seattle, Washington: Feb. 9
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: Feb. 9
  • Fontana, Wisconsin: Feb. 9
  • Birmingham, Alabama: Feb. 9
  • Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: Feb. 9
  • Medford, Oregon: Feb. 11
  • Helotes (near San Antonio), Texas: Feb. 11-12
  • Phoenix, Arizona: Feb. 12
  • St. Louis, Missouri: Feb. 12
  • Orlando, Florida: Feb. 12
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: Feb. 12-13
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Feb. 12-13
  • Reno, Nevada: Feb. 13
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Feb. 15
  • Omaha, Nebraska: Feb. 15
  • Lubbock, Texas: Feb. 15
  • Surrey/Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Feb. 15
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Feb. 15-16
  • Ontario, California: Feb. 16
  • Lansing, Michigan: Feb. 16
  • Little Rock, Arkansas: Feb. 18
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: Feb. 23
  • Puerto Rico (finalizing location and date)
  • Boise, Idaho: Feb. 28

Spring Sprint registration will open Nov. 1, 2012.

Team Full of Scents

Be sure to stay active in our team page! I love hearing from all of you and also love hearing your success share share share! So others can take your success and build there success!

If you have recruited someone, please make sure your new recruits are on our Facebook Group. Even if they don't have a Facebook account, it would be worth it to make an account just so they could join the group.

There is helpful information posted daily, if not hourly, that all new consultants would greatly benefit from!