What's New in Mrs. Allen's Room?

February 8-12

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Dear Parents,

I hope your families are enjoying Mr. Popper's Penguins! I'm reading it too, and love the story! With the visitors we had on Monday, it makes me almost want a penguin of my own...almost! Don't forget to sign your child's reading log so he/she can bring it to school Monday and earn a prize. There will be a trivia question over the first five chapters also. All students who answer correctly will be entered into a drawing for another prize!

I'm sure everyone has heard by now that we will be having school this Friday. That means that our Valentine's Day parties will be on Friday the 12th, instead of Thursday the 11th. I will send home a list of students in our class for those of you who wish to get Valentine's.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Allen!

This Week in 3rd Grade:

READING: Our story this week will be Rocks in His Head. We will study facts vs. opinions and making inferences.

GRAMMAR: Possessive Pronouns


  1. prepaid
  2. midnight
  3. overflow
  4. outdoors
  5. outline
  6. overgrown
  7. prefix
  8. Midwest
  9. pretest
  10. midpoint
  11. outgoing
  12. overtime
  13. overdue
  14. outside
  15. outfield
  16. soon
  17. story
  18. since
  19. white
  20. ever
  21. precaution* *bonus words
  22. prediction*
  23. midsection*
  24. overweight*
  25. prehistoric*

WRITING: We have worked up to writing for 13 minutes without stopping! And we celebrate every little minute we add! On Monday, we will begin working on a writing prompt set up just like the I-STEP, so the class will know what to expect.

MATH: We have finished our unit on perimeter and area!! Although the test was scheduled for last Thursday, I did not give it until Friday so the class could have more time to practice. On Monday, we will begin working with fractions!

SOCIAL STUDIES: The class will begin their last social studies unit on economics.

Noteworthy News...

  • Our One-School, One-Book program began last Monday!! Each family should have received one copy of the book, Mr. Popper's Penguins to keep at home at reach with your children. Your child will bring home a weekly reading log that will be due on MONDAYS in February. There will be classroom incentives for family reading time!! This will also help with AR goals!
  • Please remember...if the temperatures (and wind chill) are above 20 degrees, we will be going outside, so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS DRESSED ACCORDINGLY. In the event that we cannot go outside due to the weather, if you have any gently used board games at home that are no longer in use that you would like to donate to our recess closet, they would be great appreciated!
  • 3rd Quarter book report info is posted on my classroom website: mrsallencc.weebly.com
  • For one more week the student council will be collecting "Pennies for Patients" to raise money for childhood leukemia and lymphoma. If you have loose change lying around the house or the car, please send it in with your child! :)

3rd Quarter AR Stars

  1. Cade Diallo
  2. Myles Sprong
  3. Jacey Goode
  4. Colin Arney
  5. Aubree Gibbs

Special Class Schedule for Feb. 8-12

Mon. - Art

Tues. - Gym

Wed. - Computer Lab

Thur. - Library

Fri. - Music

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following students with February birthdays!

Cade Diallo--Feb. 1

Aaliyah Welch--Feb. 13

Hailey Mace--Feb. 20

Aubree Gibbs--Feb. 21

Jacob Gulley--Feb. 21

Star Student

Our star student this week is CADE DIALLO!

These are some of Cade's favorite things:

FOOD: Chicken Wings with hot sauce


TV SHOW: Teen Titans Go!

SONG: Shot Through the Heart

RESTAURANT: Buffalo Wild Wings

BOOK: Andrew Lost