Children's Therapist

Ellie Thomas

Job Description

I would choose to lead a private practice so I could set my own hours, I would probably choose to work mostly in the morning. A children's therapist is responsible for their clients personal files and also keeping up with their schedule and appointments. Counselors strive to help their clients (children and teens) with their emotional, physical, or spiritual issues.

Working Conditions

If I chose to become a children's therapist I would be able to set my own hours, I would be in an office that is comfortable for my clients. Stress travels with the job due to multiple clients with stressful stories and situations, learning to cope with the stress of the job is part of becoming a therapist.

Training/education Requirements

Most children's therapists get a doctoral degree which could take 6-8 years, and have to complete 1-2 years of post-doctoral work. They also must have completed the state licensure exam, some states require you to renew this exam/license after a certain amount of time. You will also have to do an internship under an experienced therapist.

Personal Characteristics

You must have a passion for children and teens, because when dealing with someones mental or emotional wellness you must be fully committed to helping them cope. Other qualities that are useful in this field of work is being able to be patient and organized, being observant is another characteristic that can aide you when trying to help your client.

Earnings and Job Outlook

The average salary of an children's therapist per year is $68k, if you are leading you can place your vacations around your own schedule. Big cities are always in need of specific areas of counseling, due to the vast amount of people. How hard it is to find work depends on how you make name for yourself, certain counseling businesses might suggest your services when they don't have what a client needs.

Education Spotlight

Texas Christian University located in Fort Worth, Tx offers on of the best child phycology and development courses in the country.

University of Detroit Mercy located in Detroit, MI offers a development phycology major and minor.