Purposeful Planning

2nd Six Weeks

Getting to Know you

If I were a snack I would be ____ because_____.

What is a goal you have set for yourself this six weeks?

(personal or professional)

Survey Says

Let's take a closer look at our students and the data we have collected from the first six weeks.

  • BOY testing- CPAA/MAP
  • Writing cross curricular
  • Anchor charts

Writing cross curricular

Writing should be done in every content and every grade level. Remember these can be exit tickets, journal entries, sticky note writings, or index cards.
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Anchor Charts

Anchor charts should be used often and can be used in every content. The primary grades should have picture support. Place them in a space that is easy for students to use and see. A suggestion for anchor charts is hanging them on hangars, then students can use them as a journal.
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